Monday, April 11, 2011

Dirty, Grumpy, Tight and Achy!

Workout:  3 miles at a snails pace.

Yesterday my back seemed to losen up and I proceeded to finish my weekend agenda of landscaping.

When I was finished I was filthy dirty from head to toe.  Ignore the knee pudge.
And was utterly exhausted.  Even though I look more like I'm pouting in this picture.
But the backyard is now pool party ready.

You can't see it, but I planted dark purple petunias in that flowerbed around the bay windows.

Ahh, many lazy hours will be spent in that lounge chair.
However, last night my back started aching again and my hamstrings tightened up like crazy.  In my three seconds of research I learned that lower back strains could cause tight hammies and vice versa.  So I think this is all related.

My range of motion for stretching is ridiculous.  I can't even touch my hands to the ground when I lean forward.  I iced.  Now I'm doing heat.  Considering a Chiro visit.  Begging Doug to rub the hammies.

That's enough complaining for now.

Happy Grumpy Monday!


  1. I plumbed in new pump gear and valves. Angie refused to post pictures of my work because she selfishly claims this is HER blog, not mine. Wait... oh yeah...


    I have read this post.

  2. You sound like a massage would do you good. I was going to offer but Cynthia said you already have an appointment. love!

  3. Ooooo, look at you ladies all Cat Lady-afied today. :-) Congrats!

  4. yay! more chicago 2011 runners!!! schweet!

  5. Loved your feature on SR! I'm running the
    Chicago marathon too!!!