Friday, April 29, 2011


What a week.  So glad it is almost over.  We have our half marathon on Sunday.

Would you please look at Sunday.  70% chance of rain. 
Now doesn't that sound fun?  13.1 miles in the rain.  According to the website they will delay or cancel for lighting and sever weather only.  Otherwise, the race goes on.

I have been  making love to my Nyquil bottle the past couple of days.  I'm stuffed up and my throat has been hurting.  I think it's better today.  I might even be able to breath for the race.  That is unless there is 100,000% humidity.

I'm thinking this might go down as the most boring post in history.

I've got nothing exciting to say about the royal wedding, speedy runs or the such.

Oh well, stay tuned for the Heels and Hills Half race review on Sunday afternoon.  Will it be a bitch fest or a love fest?  There is no tellin'.

Happy Fri-FREAKIN'-Day!


  1. Chances for 100,000% humidity here in Texas = 100,000% going to happen! Good luck!

  2. @Off & Running - You are so correct! Are you guys running on Sunday?