Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools, Or Not.

Workout:  No time for that today.  My schedule is booked from 6am to 11pm.  I need to rest anyway.  I have two blisters from yesterday's run (courtesy of a band-aid that was covering a blister from the half) and my knee is sore.  No need to push it.

Well it's April Fools day.  My daughter loves this day.  She has been contemplating for months what prank she would do.  I'm out of town so I'm not sure what she has up her sleeve.  

My most memorable April Fools Day was my first year of teaching.  I did cafeteria duty like I was supposed to first think in the morning.  I walked down the hall to my classroom in front of a huge group of kids. 

When I got into the room two shy girls walked up to me and were very nervous to tell me something.  Finally one of them said Miss. your pants are ripped in the back.  I giggled and said "April Fools." 

They got even redder and said no really Miss.  So I felt my butt.  Well good grief.  The ass of my pants was totally split wide open.  My black and white poke-a-dot undies were just a shinin'.

I told the girls thanks for letting me know.  Acted like it was really no big deal.  Kept my butt to the wall and started class. 

With a folder held over my now exposed ass, I walked down to the Principals office to let him know I would need to leave and change.  He too thought it was an April Fools joke.  He wanted to see the evidence.  I showed his secretary instead.  She confirmed my poke-a-dot panties were very visible. Then the horrible man asked me if I could find a sweater in the lost and found box and just tie it around my waist until lunch.


Anyway, I got new pants at Target.  Thanked the girls again for letting me know.  And went on about my day like all was normal.

So, it wasn't a planned April Fools joke.  But it did get a few chuckles.

Happy April Foolin'
Have you pulled off any great April Fools jokes?  Has someone got you good?  Do share!

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