Saturday, April 30, 2011

Naked Running and Neti Pots

Ahh, it felt wonderful to sleep in this morning!  Nyquil helped me sleep like a baby until 8am!

Now I am hydrating and getting mentally prepared for a half marathon in possible soaking rain.

First order of business....

I am addicted to the neti pot.  Hey, it's better then being addicted to heroin.

You gotta get both side.  That's a pretty good stream right there.

You should be impressed with my self portrait taking.

In 1 1/2 years of running, I have yet to have a total downpour race.

Tomorrow could be my first.
I'm getting my race day gear together this morning.

They use the reusable timing chips.  Hate them.  When you are ready to collapse at the finish line you have to unlace your shoe and turn in your timing chip before you get your medal.  Stupid.
Anyway, I'm trying to decide what I should wear to the race.  I need my two followers to vote between option 1 and 2.

Option 1:  Black running skirt
Option 2:  Nike Tempo shorts
Alright, go ahead and vote.  Cause if no one votes, I might just run naked in the rain.  Hey, that might actually get Doug out to a race to support me....

Happy Lazy Saturday!


  1. I vote running skirt!
    And also, taking a self photo while using a neti pot is crazy impressive.

  2. It will be a wet and stormy race for me. Have fun and good luck.

  3. @Vanessa - thanks for voting. At least I don't have to run naked! And thanks for noticing my mad self portrait skills! :)

  4. @Mike - Good luck! Hoping it's not too stormy for both of us!

  5. Definitely impressive that you took that photo. And like you, as much as I've raced, I've never been rained on... I really like #2, but I hate soggy wet Tempos and their ability to cling... so just in case it does rain, I'd go with #1. I actually went to Dick's last night and bought the world's thinnest rain coat because I get really cold when I'm sopping wet. Find me tomorrow... I'll have the giant 2:45 stick.

  6. @Leslie - I'll definitely find you tomorrow! Hoping for clear today!

  7. Oh, skirt for sure. That crap is CUTE!

    Also, I might have neti pot nightmares tonight, so thanks for the close ups. :-P

  8. I vote #1. But I'm a skirt lover.

  9. I am totally addicted to the neti pot!

  10. I'm tempted to not vote as a dare to run it naked...but I guess I will vote for option 1 instead.

  11. SOOOO impressed with the Neti Pot shots. Ha ha. I am also addicted!

    You are out running this bitch right now -- Hope you are having FUN!

    I probably would have gone with the shorts, only because every skirt I own rides up. If if doesn't - then the skirt. Not that it matters anymore :)

    Can't wait to hear about your race!!

  12. @Laura - Man you were too late! I'm sure with the number of pictures I take at races you will be happy I went with the skirt! :)

  13. @Michelle - I like the Mizuno. It rode up a little bit, but was fine with body glide. It is the best one I have found.

  14. @Michelle....Mizuno skirt...I wasn't very clear in the comment above!

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