Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Whine and Wine Wednesday

Workout:  1 Mile warm up at 11:00 pace / 2 Miles at 9:40 pace / Cool Down

The back and hamstrings actually felt okay on this morning's run.  WooHoo!

"That wasn't so bad" was Randee's comment today.  You don't understand.  If she ain't complaining something is wrong. 

No wonder I'm always getting hurt.  My form is all kinds of hunched and lopsided.

Yeah, like we worked out hard enough to look this miserable.

On my way out the door this morning I asked the always sassy Audrie to take my picture.  "Why are you always wanting your picture taken?" was her response.  "Because I'm so cute."  With a smirk on her face she took this picture.

"You might look cute if I do this."
That darn kid cut my head off.   I swear.  So after grounding her until she is 21 I made her take another picture.

Hands on hip girl.  Perhaps the headless picture was better.

It's Wednesday.  You know what that means?  You get to listen to me whine.  Shut up.  You know you hit refresh a million times ever Wednesday waiting for this post to hit.

Whine of the week:

I'm getting freakin' old.  A little yard work turns into a beating.  I'm sunburned.  I have a strained back. My hamstrings tensed up like a fat lady seeing a kid grab the last cookie.  It's totally ridiculous.

There are also a few humans in my life that I would like to no longer have to deal with.  Their actions are never illegal.  But totally unethical.  I may bitch, but I'm nice about it.  It seriously wears on the nerves.  And my patience.  And my sanity.  Calgon take me away.  Or them.  Please.

Wine of the week:

The purple section has a few choices this week.  Thank goodness.
I'm thinking I will be sippin' on a Tempranillo later this evening.  I hate foam rolling.  I'm thinking that sippin' wine while enduring the agony would help.  But will I spill my wine?  That would be horrible. I'll give it a try and post pictures.  Successful or not.

I'm also thinking a girl's night out is in order.

Good times.  Good times.  On the bar is always better then at the bar.
Happy Whine and Wine Wednesday!

What's your whine and wine for the week?


  1. I second your getting older whine! My face gets all scrunchy on the sides in pictures when I smile now. Not cool.

    I think I need a purple section at my house now to deal with this fact.

  2. I like both the headless and non-headless pics. They show you in a woman's proper environment.

  3. @Duane - Your sandwich is ready....a knuckle sandwich that is!

  4. I should start a day when I just whine about what is bothering me! But seriously I love hearing about your progress

  5. Post read - don't you think that Duane's post is thought provoking?

  6. Wow Blog is so nice.Whine and Wine Wednesday.

  7. My whine: I can't remember what my goals are and I have no idea what I'm dong anymore.

    My wine: Last night I caught up on all my hulu shows in my dads porch swing while finishing off the last 1/3 of my 2 buck Chuck merlot.