Thursday, April 21, 2011

Three Thrills Thursday

Workout:  3 miles @ 10:20 pace.  Let me add that there was 3,000,000% humidity, so breathing standing still was difficult.  Add a little running and it became nearly impossible.  We did run the last .10 at a 7:10 pace.  That's got to count for something.

Moving right along...

Thrill 1:

I went to prom every year of high school, except my Senior year.  Weird I know.

This is my 10th grade year.  My mouth is wide open.  Surprise, Surprise.
Thrill 2:

I'm getting worried about swimsuit season.  I think my metabolism has stopped working.  I'm positive my quart of hummus and gallon of wine each night has nothing to do with it.  I really must get back on a better eating routine.  If not, I'll need to be purchasing some extra materiel to add to my bikinis.

Why we are on this subject.  When are you too old to wear a bikini?

Spain 2006.  My boobless self.  But my abs were starting to get cut and my thighs were small!
 Jamaica in 2007.  I'm the one in the middle.  Not the topless one in the blue shorts.  
Cancun 2010.  I'm the one double fisting it.
Thrill 3:

Just a little over a week until the Heels and Hills Half Marathon.  We have done a horrible job of training since our last half (March 27th), but I think we should be okay.  I think we are going to be doing this race for fun.  No real time goals.  We are going to try and get a run in this Saturday.  We have not ran more then 3 or 4 miles since the half.  How many miles should we do this weekend?  7?  5?  We should be tapering, but how do you taper from lazy? 

Me crossing the finish line of the Heels and Hills half last year.  My first half marathon.  I thought it was the most horrible thing ever.  It took me 2:36, but I finished.

Another busy weekend with Easter.    However, I am getting my hair did on Saturday!  That is always a great day.  I'm definitely livin' for the weekend these days!

Happy Thrilling Thursday!

What is thrilling in your life this week?


  1. Please come introduce yourself at HnH. I'll be carrying the 2:45 pace stick.

  2. I say as long as all your appropriate parts are contained, you can wear your bikini forever.

  3. Happy Thursday! And, I say, as long as your confident - rock the bikini. :-)

  4. you are too funny! Wine and hummus totally amp your metabolism!

    Lovin the prom pic--I need to dig out some throwback pics!

  5. @Lesley - I will definitely come find you! If I don't get my butt in gear I might be running with you!

  6. @Jill - I'll cover all the appropriate parts...unless I'm in Mexico! ;)

  7. @Running Girl - I better stop eating to save the confidence!

  8. @Jess - Awesome, wine and hummus amps the metabolism. Mine must be flyin'!