Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hoe and Obscenities

Gloria drove by and took this sexy picture of me and my hoe.
Doug says I don't bend my knees enough while hoeing. All I know is that I jacked my back.  My lower right side to be exact.  It has gotten steadily worse.  Today I am finding it hard to sit on the couch and write this post.

We were supposed to run hills this morning.  I cancelled.  Instead I iced.  Put on my compression pants.  Pouted.  And said a few choice obscenities. 

I did finish the flower beds yesterday.

I drugged myself up on ibuprofen and headed to Farpointe for a wine tasting with Doug.

Some of the usual Saturday afternoon gang.
This is a great place.  Everyone knows your name (or at least your husband's in my case.)  Everyone brings their dogs and they roam free.  They let me go behind the bar to take pictures.  They have rice crackers and hummus.  Oh yes, and some pretty darn good wine!

What a strange hand pose.  Remember I was in pain.
I have my first Warrior Dash next Sunday.  My back MUST be better.  I will baby the back today.  While trying to do laundry and cleaning the house.

Happy Sunday!


  1. Flower beds look great! Nice job!

  2. Yes, your back must get better! This will most likely be the one and only opportunity that you have to run with your brother.

  3. Laundry and house cleaning doesn't sound like rest. You should sit on your couch and drink more wine!

  4. Hooray for yard work. Today I mowed the lawn for the first time this spring.

  5. Ugh! Sorry about your back. Your lawn looks great though :) I hope your heals quickly!

    I am VERY jealous of your wine tasting. Very. Why do the winery suck here in Florida???