Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Whine and Wine Wednesday!

Workout Shmorkout.  Randee had to take her hubby to the airport.  And we all know I can't workout alone.  It scares me!


It's freakin' hot!  No air at work again today.  My room is around 82 degrees and it's not even 10am.  Should be fun as the afternoon goes on. 

This has been a crazy week and it's not even half over. There is always way too much going on this time of year.  Thankfully summer is near!  That means lazy days!  Whoot!

I have got to find my workout motivation.  I'm really considering one or two sessions of boot camp.  It's at the park in the morning and it kicks your butt.  Not enough running, but I could easily do that on my own.  It's not cheap.  But I think it might be worth it.  Now to convince Randee to join me.


Um, not sure what I'll have tonight.  Right now I'm dreaming of swimming in a pool of frozen margarita.

It sounds nice and refreshing since I'm so dang hot!
I have been sippin' on Riesling the past couple of nights.  Very tasty and reminds me of summer!  It is my wine of choice when lounging by the pool.

Our Warrior Dash professional photos were posted today.  They were fun.  But since we already have a gazillion pics we took I'm sure I won't order them.  Here are my illegally jacked copies.

I appear to have barely cleared the fire.  Perhaps if I would shut my mouth I could jump higher.

I'm pretty sure these half naked guys were checking out my butt.
That's one sexy group of Warriors.
What's your whine and wine for the week?


  1. I like the one of you jumping over the fire maybe you should get that one. But overall I think our pictures turned out way better.

    It's Wednesday so no cooking going on at my house...I love Wednesday's.

  2. I don't have any wine for the week but I will WHINE. I just ate lunch and did not like it. I hate when that happens. Now I have to wait for dinner to eat something I like. Not cool. /whine complete

  3. Lovely photos - I rarely buy those things either. If I fall in the fire when I do this they better get a photo, and I will buy it ... once I'm out of the hospital.

  4. @Paula - where did you have lunch? I want to make sure I never go there!

  5. @Duane - Doug's in the kitchen, I'll let him know your hungry.

  6. @FruitFly - The fire was the only obstacle we don't have a lot of pics from. Reason...we were almost out of film. You forget that when a camera is not digital you only have so many shots!