Monday, April 25, 2011

The Cool Kids

Did we have a weekend?

I was so crazy busy I didn't notice.  It was a very enjoyable weekend, but booked from top to bottom.  I have so many pictures and things to share I'm gonna have to do two posts. 

Let's start with Friday shall we.

Doug was replacing the hot water heater.  Yeah, the one that leaked all into my master closet.

I was there for moral support.  It was crazy hot.  I think right around 90.
Between the two of us, we made about 900 trips to Home Depot before the day was done.

For exciting things like Nipples.

While there I picked up some inspiration for my summer remodeling project (s).  I'm gonna be busy!
I'm thinking we ended the night with wine, but I really can't remember.

It was rainy Saturday morning so we skipped our long run.  Or was it that we were lazy?  I can't remember that either.  But I do know we did not run.

However, I did get my hair did.

I had never set under the steamer before, but I kinda liked it.
The hair do.  Don't mind the crazy eyes.  I think the steamer messed with my sanity.
Then this picture status on Facebook....

Ready for a pool party.
Led to this....

Runners gone wild.
We had an impromptu runners night out.

Wine and Legs.
A bunch of nasty runner's feet.  We all had pink toenails.  Or at least pink skin.  Randee is missing a few toenails at the moment so she just painted some on.    
Doug crashed our party.

He loves hanging with the ladies.  We love him keeping our wine glasses full.
 Brittany couldn't come because she was hanging out with her less cool friends.  So we proceeded to have a "We're having more fun then you are!" photo text war.

Just another wild Saturday night.
I would post pictures of Brittany and her uncool friends, but none of them were blog appropriate.  Perverts I tell ya!  I'm pretty sure we won.

Seriously, could anyone have more fun then this?
We had a great time, and got in bed just in time for the Easter Bunny to arrive!


  1. Glad to see Doug in his proper environment.

  2. This looks like so much fun! I want to hang with you guys :)

    Glad you had a great weekend -- and you were able to buy lots of nipples.

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