Monday, April 18, 2011

Revolving Door of Crazy

Workout:  3 miles at 10:30 pace.  Pitiful, I know.

I'm gonna run, but I'm not gonna enjoy it.

I promise I'm not drunk.  Just not feelin' this morning's run.

All day at work I have been dealing with a whole lot of CRAZY.

I did some very scientific research and found out that today is a full moon.

The full moon calendar 2011

Monday, 18 April 2011, 04:44:00 am

I totally don't believe in that stuff, but the evidence is literally in my face today. 

Moving on....

Since I got nothing but a bad attitude today, I thought I would share a few more Warrior Dash pics with you. 

Just after my impressive vertical leap over the fire.

Just after diving into the mud pit!

Note to self....shut your mouth!  Mud is not very tasty.
I'm looking for a modeling job with Mudders Magazine.  It's a real magazine.  Look.
At lunch yesterday we had fun with the CamWow app.  Well I did.  I love that thing.  I'm not sure anyone else laughs as much as I do.

Come give mama a kiss.  Seriously, can you look at this picture and not laugh?  I can't.
Happy Crazy Full Moon Monday


  1. Angie Hackett...Heavens to Betsy...why did you put that crazy ass picture on here.

  2. I done read this post (and the last one - sorry I was TCB'n and unable to mud out witcha).
    clap clap clap

  3. Good job getting out there anyway.
    Love the Warrior Dash pictures!

  4. @ Randee..Thanks but I only did the ones before and after the race, firepit and mud pit. Angie took the rest.I enjoyed looking at all the action pics Angie took.

  5. And if you are talking about the one I look like a big round ball. I do not like it.