Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Backbend on the Beach

Workout:  Yogilates.

For some reason we thought we were cool enough to move up to the Yogilates Level 3 video.


Let me just say we laughed out loud....a lot!


I think we almost had this one....except for the bending over backwards and lifting one leg part.


Now here is a move I'm good at...

I'm a rock star at Child's Pose!

I've got vacation on my mind today.  Specifically a beach vacation.  In the Caribbean.  All inclusive please.

Jamaica sounds perfect!

Cancun will work.  (Hopefully Doug won't notice the hot tub full of British boys in this pic.)

I just want a lounge chair, blue water, white sand and a cold drink.
Happy Dreamin' of the Beach Tuesday!


  1. Kudos to you for even trying! I just look at those pictures and they make me hurt!! (However, I am really good at Child's Pose too)

    I really, really need a vacation -- and exactly what you want too! *sigh*