Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Whine and Wine Wednesday!

Workout:  1 mile warm up at 10:00 pace / 3 miles at 9:20ish pace / .5 mile cool down walk

Can you believe it is already Wednesday?  Awesomeness.

Let me see what I have to whine about this week.


Nope, it has been BE-U-TIFUL in Texas!

Nope, he has been on his best behavior with it being Valentines week and all!

Nope, they have been relatively good this week considering they started Monday with insane amounts of sugar at their V-Day parties!

Nope, knock on wood Mr. Hammy has been behaving very well!

We have actually had a very good week so far with our workouts.  My main whine is why I can't run as fast as other people!  We run around 10 minute miles.  I can knock out a few miles in the low 9's.  I can run one mile around 8.  But why can't I run faster for longer distance?  What makes one person so much faster than another?  Hmmm...I'm going to go pout now!

I wonder if they are accepting new members?
Wine, oh glorious wine!

Still at work so sippin' on water for now.  Tonight I will definitely have a glass or two of the purple stuff!  My friend Cheri's daughter is in labor right now having her first child.

Cheri is one sexy grandma don't you think!
After work I will go see the new baby (surely for Jordyn's sake, he will be here by then!) and then come home and drink two huge glasses of wine in Baby Gavyn's honor.  Isn't that what any good friend would do?

I'll update with baby pics and wine later!  

Happy Wednesday Y'all!  

What's your whine for the week?  And I know your drinkin', so what's in your glass?


  1. Still haven't heard anything about the job opportunity in Dallas and I'm stressing out about it! Alaurie drew on the window with crayon, and stole the toothpaste so she could cover her pillow in it. Also, Braden is sick and blowing snot everywhere. I'm about to be on my period so all of these crappy things are amplified by 1500. And 2 buck chuck.

  2. Ha! I was all set up to comment that you should buy the "Will run for wine" shirt from One More Mile until I scrolled past the pic of you wearing it!

    Fast is all relative. Everybody running 11 minute miles are looking at you and wondering why they can't run as fast as you do.