Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Boom Boom Pow!

Workout:  1 mile warm up / 2 miles @ 9:12 pace (in 800 intervals)

This four alarm fire was going on 3 miles South/East of my neighborhood.

Randee could see the fire as she was driving over.  We heard several explosions while we were running.

Then we noticed that debris was flying all over the neighborhood!

We are such dorks we picked up the flying debris, full of toxic something or another I'm sure, and posed with it!

Guess what was in the warehouse that was on fire?

Yap, it was Monster Energy Drinks exploding!

Then for the really gross part!  When we got home and undressed, we both realized we were covered in black ash!  Hair, clothes, and anywhere I was sweaty was black!  I'm sure our lungs enjoyed this mornings workout under the black smoke!

How was your morning workout?  Did you run outside?  Did anything explode?  Do you drink monster?


  1. Yuck. I don't do energy drinks. They taste horrible and make me feel like my heart will explode. Ran outside today, but nothing exploded.

  2. I've heard of people running at altitude to give them an advantage on race day...never heard of training in ash. Very clever. You're going to kill in Chicago.