Sunday, February 6, 2011

Where Do You Run?

Where do you run?

We have a few regular routes.

Route 1 is around Angie's neighborhood.  This is probably my least favorite.  Not sure if it is because we do it so much or because it has a couple of hills that I dislike.  Two or 3 miles seems like freakin' forever when we do them here!

This is about as exciting as the view gets on our early morning runs...long before the sun comes up!

Route 2 is around Randee's neighborhood.  This is a very flat route that we have just recently starting using.  We can knock out 3 or 4 miles in her neighborhood no problem.

View's not much different here, but we can take self portraits in the glow of the streetlamp!

Route 3 is downtown Fort Worth.  This is where we go for our long runs on the weekend.  We can do 6+ miles here with no problem.  There are some hills, but there is also a lot of flat.  We encounter no shortage of homeless entertainment, and great scenery.  We also have our favorite Starbucks we visit regularly.

Sundance Square

The Bitchy Runners on our usual route

During the holidays they had this super cool light display we could run through
Then there is our favorite Starbucks that makes really bad coffee!

Today we will be trying a new route.  The Trinity Trail in Fort Worth.  The main reason we have not tried it before is because we run in the dark.  We are too scared to run the trail in the dark, even though it seems to always be full of people.  I expect it to be a fun place to run!

Looks nice and scenic!

As our weekly runs get longer we are going to have to investigate new places to try.  You can only run in one mile circles for so long!

What is your favorite running route?  Do you go to parks or trails or do you stick to your own neighborhood?  If you are in the DFW area, do you have any running locations you recommend we try?


  1. My favorite place is to watch you run'n around my dreams (nekkid).
    I also like to watch you run'n to the kitchen to make sammiches.
    I also like parts of those trails that run through Bob Eden park and River Legacy, etc. Need to find a long version of those.

  2. Here is Charlotte, I like to run on the Mallard creek Greenway. If you run all of it (out and back) you end up with 14 miles. I have a pretty nice route from my house that puts me right in the middle of the greenway so I don't have to drive anywhere.

    Also, when I lived in Frisco my husband (Angie's little bro) and I would ride our bikes all the way down the Plano bike path and back. It was a 20 mile round trip. This is just one section of the path It's a bit of a drive for you guys, but when you get to those really long runs late in training, it might be nice.

  3. Trinity trail is really pretty and flat. The Ft Worth marathon follows that trail.

    I do all my long runs at white rock lake. Everything else is neighborhood, treadmill, or greenbelt/duck creek trail in garland.

  4. I'm baffled by your Starbucks you like bad coffee?

    I tend to run around my neighborhood. I think this is out of laziness. I like being home when I finish a run.

  5. @Lesley - I have ran the lake before for races only. We need to try it for one of our weekend long runs!

    @ratherthecouch - We love the Starbucks because they know us. They start making our drinks as soon as we walk in. If we tell them the coffee sucks they make us a new one and give us a coupon for a free coffee (which is almost every week!) Strange I know!