Thursday, February 24, 2011

Three Thrills Thursday

It's that time again where you get to learn three thrilling facts about yours truly.  I know you're about to pee your pants with exciement.

I changed the name.  "Three Things Thursday" seemed kinda boring.  Thrills seems, well thrilling.  And I'm pretty sure that describes me better.

First let's talk about my little brother.

He knows who is boss.

 He will be the BIG 3-0 on Tuesday.  This makes me feel old.

I look younger, right?
He has a wife, but she deserves her own Thrilling Thursday.  So we will move on....

Thrill number two is that my niece Alaurie is a Hot Mess at the age of 3, or is it 4?  I'm a great Aunt, aren't I!

I 'm pretty sure she has a great future ahead.  She is talented in both booty shakin' and being sassy!
Don't let this picture fool you.  Neither of these two are as innocent as they look!

Your last thrill for today will be 2 years old on Monday!

Flippin' his aunt off on the day he was born. 
Will he grow up to make the same goofy faces as his cousin?

Join me in wishing Braden a very Happy 2nd Birthday and Bradley a very Happy 30th Birthday!  Alaurie celebrates her birthday like her Aunt Angie.  Every day.


  1. Awe! That is such a cute picture of Alaurie and Audrie!

  2. Your nephew is so cute! My littlest will be 2 in a month *sob*