Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Whine and Wine Wednesday

Oh. My. Gosh.  I almost forgot about Whine and Wine Wednesday!

We were just Skyping with Alecia from tin can treader and she asked why I had not updated the blog.  It was another snow day in Texas and my lazy self has done nothing!

Scary self portrait.  Why I have my lips puckered and my eyebrows arched I will never know.
Whine for the day?  I really have none.  After waking up at my normal 4:15am and watching the news for an hour to see if we had school, I went back to bed until almost 9:00am.  Then I took a nap from 2:00pm to 4:00pm.  I did pick up the house a bit, but was overall very lazy.  It was wonderful!

Side note:  Audrie made this awesome Valentine's box today to take to school for her party on Monday.

She advised me that you put the card in the mouth of the robot and it falls into the box.  Fancy!
However, I did hear Doug whining to Alecia on Skype.  "My nipples were killing me."  That is what he said.  I think the conversation had something to do with running and why he now uses Body Glide.

Andres is in town and stopped by to visit and share a glass of vino!

Andres I will fork you up!  The best quote over from Trent!
And thank goodness we Skyped with Alecia so she could remind me that it was Whine and Wine Wednesday!

Alecia immediately ran to the kitchen to fill her wine glass to take part in the infamous Whine and Wine Wednesday!

Of course Alecia had to share her whine for the week with us and we were virtually sippin' wine together.

Doug and Alecia doing a Skype "cheers" with their wine glasses
Delish Tempranillo!  My favorite wine varietal! 
Workout:  Yeah, that never happened today! Too freakin' cold and icy in Texas.  I'm sure ready for spring!  Sunday looks great.  High 60's!

What is your whine and wine for the week?


  1. It was too cold to workout today!!! That is my whine for the day!!!

  2. The Tempranillo was good and I am pouring the last pour in my glass now. T SANZO - thank you Spanish winemaker man.

  3. My whine is that I ate way too much pizza this evening because I didn't feel like preparing my own meal. I would whine about Doug not following my blog, but I see that he has corrected that almost unforgivable error.

  4. You regularly get up at 4:15?!? I would most definitely whine about that!