Sunday, February 6, 2011

Feels So Good!

Workout:  6 miles @ 10:50 pace

We finally ran again!  Whoot!

Randee was feeling like a badass mother runner today
We ran the Trinity Trail in Fort Worth.  It was a very relaxing and scenic run.  Also, a much needed mommy break after a week snowed in the house with two kids and a husband!

There were quite a few people on the path, but they were all so nice!  Everyone waved and said hi.  Kind of strange, but I liked it!

View of the river while running
It was so peaceful
We will definitely run the Trinity Trail again!
I look like I was forgetting to breath & Randee is like "hey don't forget to get me in the picture!"
 After the run we went by Fort Worth Running Company.  They were still out of the shoe inserts Randee needs, but Angie found a pair of Asics Kayano 16's at half off!  Score!

Love these shoes!
We then went for coffee at a different Fort Worth Starbucks.  The experience was less then exciting.  Angie's coffee tasted like warm milk.  The chick making the coffee had the nerve to say "you asked for fat free milk, I'm not sure if you have ever tasted this coffee before, but...."  Yeah woman, I drink this same coffee multiple times a week every week.  It's not the milk it's you!  You suck at making coffee!  Anyway, then she gave me the strongest latte ever to shut me up!

 Seriously!  It should not be so hard to get a good nonfat vanilla latte when you're paying $5!

Now if the Texas weather will chill out we can maybe get back on a regular running schedule.  I'm not loving this weeks forecast with another chance of snow!
We live in Texas.  Winter is not supposed to be this cold and snowy!  I guess it is going to be so cold Wednesday night they could not even put the number on the forecast!?


  1. Hmmm. As a former barista, making a simple latte shouldn't be difficult. Shots pour themselves, milk is steamed by a machine, and flavor is just a matter of how many. Are you asking for general specifics? Like "I want it extra dry, but not too dry" or "I need mine made with 3 1/2% milk".

  2. All I want is a good Venti Nonfat Vanilla Latte. Seems easy enough!

  3. Ha! Pretty sure you have the worst Starbucks luck in the whole world.

  4. I can attest that the one in Sherman isn't good either. I had to tell them how to prepare a french press. I guess I just worked in the best Starbucks ever!