Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Whine and Wine Wednesday

Day two of no school, no work, and no leaving the house.  Crazy Texas weather!

Yesterday included Thunder Snow. Sleet.  Snow.  Freezing Temps.

At this point I'm living for Saturday!  Finally above freezing!

Today's Whine?  I can't complain about the fact that I have had an impromptu 5 day weekend.

How about this

Jillian Michaels tried to kill me today!
Seriously, this was an insane workout!  Lots of room for improvement on my part.  Like using hand weights like you're supposed to!  I only had 8 pounds and there was no way I was in shape to use those for this workout.  It had a ton of abs.  A ton of legs.  A ton of butt.  Overall an ass whippin'!

And the Wine?

Hopefully I can get the hubby to pour me a glass soon.  Is 2:00pm to early to start drinking on a snow day?

And in other news....

I made the best soup ever today!  Ton's of veggies, ground turkey and tasty goodness!

And my kids keep wanting to go play since there is a light coating of white on the ground.

It takes them half an hour to get bundled up like this.
They can stay out for about 15 minutes...

Then they have icicles like this hanging off their lips.
And then my entry way looks like this....

At least the dog is enjoying the mess!
Overall a nice day.  Not too much to whine about, and I'm thinking it's about wine:30!

It's my awesome sister-in-laws birthday! My brother registered her for the Chicago Marathon as a surprise gift.  Go check out here blog here and wish her a happy birthday!

What is your whine and wine for the week?


2:30pm in Texas.  Sippin' a Pinot Noir, eating hummus and nut thins and watching 'The Spirit of The Marathon'.  Life is Good!


  1. I can't complain today. Well, there is one thing. I wish we would have parked our car facing the opposite the direction of the insane wind that blew our driver side door backward. Not cool wind. Not cool.

  2. Yeah, that sucks! Is the door broke? How about wine. Did you get any?