Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Whine and Wine Wednesday

 Workout:  4 chatty miles @ 10:50 pace. 

We are already back to Wednesday?  The past couple of weeks have flown by.

Whine for the week....

First of all I will say that the house seems to be falling apart!  Yesterday alone, the pool pump broke, the bathroom sink stopped up and our master closet shelving colapsed!

Everyone does not keep their hanging clothes piled on the chaise lounge in their bedroom?  Weird.

Next, my new car.  I took it to the dealership a week ago to have the leather seats put in.  They said it would take one day.  It took seven.  I just got it back last night and they did not hook the airbag up correctly.  I had no idea the seats and the airbags went together, but apparently they do.  Anywho, looks like I will get to go to the dealership again tomorrow to have this fixed.

I'm no longer a mini van mama.
Let's see, what else do I got?

Just this muffin top that has suddenly appeared.  Guess I have been eating out and eating freely a bit too much lately!  Got to work on that!
This is my muffin top body double.

Alright, enough complaining.

Now on to the WINE!

This is our wine cellar.

This is my small section of the cellar.  The area outlined in purple.  Notice it is empty.  Those bottles in the back are not officially in my section!

Why do I have a purple section you ask?  Because Doug buys the expensive stuff and I buy the less expensive stuff.  He nearly had a heart attack when he found me and a girl friend sippin' on a pricey bottle of wine one evening.  Okay, she might have had a cup of vodka in one hand and the glass of wine in the other.  He thought it was wasteful to share the good stuff with her.  Since then I have a "special" section just for me.

What am I to do for Whine and Wine Wednesday when my section of the cellar is empty?  Maybe Doug will open a bottle of the good stuff for me when he gets home!

Hopefully my lack of wine will not become a whine.

What is your whine and wine for the week?


  1. I am going to TV sound went out in my room so I am watching F-ing close capt. This sucks really bad. Have a glass for me Angie.

  2. Will you give me a good good happy if I get you some wine?

  3. By the way - you have poor self body image... YOU LOOK NOTHING LIKE THAT muffin top women picure above... you are finer than wine (see what I did there?)!

  4. Hmmm, it was a little cooler today than it has been. That's all I got for now.

  5. @Doug - Pour me some dang wine! Thanks for lovin' me and my muffin top honey!