Sunday, February 27, 2011

Gettin' the hair did

Yesterday was hair day!

This was my hairdo inspiration...

I like the messy unfixed look.
I go to work most days with wet hair.  I thought this do would work well with my high maintenance self.

Getting your hair foiled is such an attractive process.
I love my hair lady Toi.  She has been doing my hair for about five years and is always fun to chat with while getting pampered.

We hosted a wine tasting Saturday night and I totally forgot to take any pictures.  Very unusal.

Anyway, just before bed I snapped this self portrait.

The new do. 
Are you adventurous with your hair?  Do you go to the same person all the time or go to whomever?


  1. I go to whomever. I would say that I am indeed adventurous with my hair.

  2. Love it! Might have to copy it - if I get my ass to the salon.