Saturday, February 5, 2011

Eat, Shop, Eat Some More!

What does one do when they finally leave the house after being cooped up for four days straight?

First stop...FOOD!

Freddy's Steakburgers - Not bad, but the chocolate shake was the best part!
Then it was time for some shopping!

Check out the quality of this pic!  Not only am I blurry, but I'm also headless!  But look at my new Michael Kors leather motorcycle jacket!  Great find at Marshalls! 
Then we had the horrible idea to go to Costco.  OMG!  It was insane!  We made our normal purchase of too much wine and got the heck out of there!  I didn't even take any pictures it was so stressful!

Then a little car shopping!

I was not really looking at this car, but it was in the warm showroom.  I was pretending it was summer and my hair was blowing in the wind!

Doug was trying to get me to buy this.  (I did have the new jacket!)
After all that shopping it was time to eat again!

My tasty crawfish tacos, black beans and Mexican rice!

This was Audrie's nachos.  I ate about half of this plate also!  Good stuff, and if all that melted cheese was not enough, that is crumbled feta cheese on top!
The snow is starting to melt in Texas!  Hopefully we will get a long run in tomorrow!  We have not ran together since Monday!  Major withdraws taking place! 

What would you do if you had been stuck in the house for four days straight?  Do you ever have days where you eat as many unhealthy meals as I did today?


  1. I went to Costco and picked up the wine you had last week. It was so crazy then this little old lady fell on the ice and they had to call 911. Poor thing she really looked she was hurting.

  2. I just decided I'm going to get a milkshake tonight and I blame you.

  3. @ratherthecouch - DO IT! It was so good & worth every calorie! Just think about how good the calcium will be for your bones!