Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wine Update

Finally getting to the WINE part of this day!

Ms. Jordyn finally had her baby around 6pm via c-section.  He is a chubby little guy at 8lbs 11oz and 25 inches long!  He is almost ready for the NFL and NBA!

Gavyn on his "birth" day.  What is going on with my mouth?  It looks like I have lock jaw.
So after work I thought I would be the world's best mom and take my son for a treat at Sonic.

I ordered this Mocha Java Chiller coffee & ice cream goodness.
And then proceeded to drop the entire thing in the floorboard of my car.  Thank goodness it was not my new car.  Luckily they brought me a new one.  I would not have wanted to miss out on those 800  calories.

Before I could enjoy my wine tonight I made myself wash the wine glasses that have been piling up all week.  I load the dishwasher everyday, but hate to hand wash the wine glasses.

I'm pretty sure they are not all mine.  It is only Wednesday.
Now I am enjoying my wine for this Wednesday

T-Sanzo Tempranillo.  Good stuff!  Don't mind the half rotten bananas in the background.
Good night!

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  1. This post is like deja vu...after all my wine "tasting" on Sunday I had an oreo shake from Jack in the Box. A two mile run should offset all that, right?