Sunday, February 13, 2011

Eat Your Heart Out!

Eating!  That is what I have been doing since the last time I posted!

Thursday Andres was in town from LA and he took us to Fogo de Chao!

I realize this looks kinda nasty, but I swear to you it was amazing!  I just have a bad habit of over filling my plate at the salad bar!
This is just a sampling of the ridiculous amount of meat we consumed!  I have no idea what cut we have here.  All I know is that the garlic steak and the fillet wrapped in bacon were my favorites!  

It was fun  to chit chat with the family and enjoy a nice glass of vino and dinner.

Doug and me looking super cute!
Trent and my mom, both looking like super models!
I thought Audrie and my dad would never stop eating!
Andres, my Colombian brother, and my dad in front of the rotating meat!  Who doesn't love rotating meat?
My mom and me in front of the quaint fire in the front entry.  I'm thinking she looks way younger than me here.  Something is wrong with that!
Let's see.  Then I chaperoned a trip to Waco.  No pics of that, but believe me, there was a lot of eating involved!  We had a little Wendy's, Texas Road House, IHOP, hotel breakfast buffet, etc.  Oh yes, and a lot of sitting on my my rear and not running!

I got home on Saturday night and was feeling tired and like I needed this...
The world's largest glass of wine!  I wanted to dive in head first.

When my awesome hubby got home from his run he informed me that the kids would be babysitting themselves and we would be going to out to dinner.  Sounds good to me!

This is my happy face!
Amazingly good.
This was the peaceful decor over my right shoulder while we were eating.
Then Doug tried to imitate the Japanese demon.  I think he nailed it!

We thought we were done, then this sweet waitress talked Doug into trying the dessert.  She was super embarrassed when I asked to take her picture.
Some type of flan.  Not bad, but I just don't really like the texture of flan.
Happy Valentines Day!  I was looking a bit scary, but what do you expect after two days of chaperoning teenagers?
The weather is finally beautiful in Texas again!  We did a 6 mile run this morning in Fort Worth.

Talia doing the moon walk while Randee runs backwards.  Dorks!
Then Talia got the great idea we should run these...

Not just this one flight, but like four!
We were headed up to the bridge to go back to downtown.
It was pretty much horrible as you can tell by the look on my face.  Is my nose really this huge?
And by going up these stairs we ended up having to go up a big ass hill!  I'm sure I nearly died three times. 

We finally made it to Starbucks with our favorite barista!  I don't even know her name.  That will be the goal of next week, to find out her name!
Wanna know something else that was fantastic about today?  All of our coffees were good!  That is rare and that is awesome!

When I got home the family and I went to church and cruising in the new car with the sunroof open.

Life is Good!
Do you run stairs?  Do you like the stair master at the gym?  Do you have a perky butt?


  1. Those california rolls look amazing!

  2. Those are not effen California rolls. California rolls were specifically engineered for Gaijin. The eel was deelish. Next time ya'll are in town, we're gonna have to get ya'll here (Brad and Alecia).

  3. I love love love Fogo de Chao. Mmmmm... ok, I love Texas de Brazil more... but still. Yum, yum, yum. My tummy is screaming in jealousy!

  4. To answer your questions - no, no and no.