Monday, February 21, 2011

Girl's Weekend!

No weekend workout.  I was in Galveston for a girl's weekend!

My friend Danielle, which I have known since the 5th grade invited Audrie and me.  Her daughter had a cheerleading competition they were attending.

This is us in high school.  Gotta love the hair.
 We went down on Friday night.  We stopped for Mexican food on the way.  The food was fantastic!

Audrie & Macy were super excited about these heart shaped tortilla chips.  So was I.
Danielle and I stayed up way late and shared a bottle of wine talking about old times once we made it to the hotel.  I guess six hours of chatting on the drive down was just not enough.

We had a lovely, lazy Saturday morning sipping coffee and more girl talk.

Then I mortified Macy when I told her I was wearing the shower cap to her competition.  I don't see the problem.
More food and drinks were consumed over a late lunch.

Mardi Gras decor was out in full swing.

This menu had me overwhelmed  The waiter asked if I needed pictures.  The sweet potato fries were awesome!

We had to get competition ready.  That bloody mary was delish!
My first competition cheer experience.  I had 87 small heart attacks watching those girls doing stunts in the air.  Audrie and I had a good time.  Macy did awesome on her routine!

We ended up at Chili's for a late dinner.  It was the Twilight Zone!  Salad dressing splattered all over a waitress and the floor.  Multiple screams from the kitchen.  An overwhelmed bar tender.  So much fog on the drive home we could hardly see the road.

Sunday morning we did Rain Forest Cafe before the competition.

Danielle and me getting our "cheer" face on.
 Finally the fog lifted and we did a super quick stop by the beach.

Girls enjoying the COLD water.

This is an awkward picture.
After a full afternoon of competition we got on the road around 6:00pm and home around 11:30pm.  It was a fun weekend, but made Monday morning hard!  I wimped out on our workout today, but we will be back at it tomorrow.

Stay tuned to see how bad Jillian kicks our ass!

Do you keep up with any friends from high school?


  1. Cheerleading competition?! I used to do those! Stunting is the best part!