Thursday, February 3, 2011

Icemageddon 2011

Still iced in!  Expecting more snow tomorrow.  Fourth day of schools being closed.  Crazy!

They hubs and I went for a walk around the hood today.

Welcome to Icemageddon 2011

Me pretending to run.  I was scared of slipping and hurting myself.  I'm pretty sure I burned 4 calories on my slow moving 1 mile walk.
I'm hoping we can do our long run on Saturday!

Not looking good unless we do it later in the day!  We need this ice to melt and go away!
Groundhog day around here.  Tomorrow will be a repeat of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Wake up, have coffee, check facebook, look for a new car, lunch, wine, dinner, bath, bed.  Not a bad cycle to be stuck in!


  1. HAHA seriously groundhog day!

  2. We're getting some sleet tonight, but I don't think it will be sticking.

  3. We're expecting 1-3 inches of snow. Just never ending winter fun!