Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Whine and Wine Wednesday

I was laying on the couch reading blogs and just had a "holy crap it's Wednesday" moment.  I almost forgot Whine and Wine Wednesday.  I still have marathon fog head, or maybe it 's vacation fog head.  I'm not sure.

No workout this morning.  Still letting my body rest and recover.  No real soreness.  I'm just tired.  I think this is as much from traveling and walking all over the city as it is from the marathon.


Not much to whine about this week.  I do wish my marathon finish time would have been better.  That is why I've already made a decision about what's next.

I want to know what I can do.  Randee want's absolutely nothing to do with this marathon.  Talia is going to run the race, so at least I'll have a friend at the start line!  It's going to be strange to not have Randee right next to me, but I've got to go this alone.  For my own peace of mind, I have to do this.

I have decided to run this particular race for a few reasons.
  1. It's on December 4.  I think this is time to give my body a quick rest and get back into training.  It also means I don't have to start all over!  
  2. It's a large local race.  My family can come out a cheer me on (**HINT HINT**)
  3. You get a finishers shirt!
  4. The Fort Worth Marathon offers a 20 mile race three weeks before the White Rock Marathon.
 Thoughts?  I'm open to your thoughts...good or bad.  Is this a good plan?  Am I a fool to try to run a marathon again so soon?


I'm gonna drink some wine.  I think.  Right now I'm still trying to figure out 'Plan B' for dinner.  I put BBQ chicken into the oven and set the timer for 1 hour.  It went off a moment ago and I realized I forgot the important step of turning the oven on.  Brilliant.  Perhaps a glass of wine would help get my head out of this fog. 

You will have to excuse this sorry excuse for a Whine and Wine Wednesday.  I'm headed to the wine cellar now to select some purple goodness that will hopefully help me clear my head.  Or put me to sleep.  Either one works for me.

Happy Whining and Wineing


  1. Yes! Yes! Yes! I already know where Im going to dinner the night before so maybe we can all meet up!


    and i hate that you dont get a finisher shirt at chicago but i sent a link to my sister for the Womens Finisher half zip today for a Christmas prezzie!

  2. Cowtown is in February...this is another race, also in Ft. Worth. :)

  3. The plan sounds good and solid to me. I have done similar, put races back to back with just enough time to recover and ramp back up. Worked out fine for me.

    The Kidless Kronicles

  4. That sounds pretty cool, and works out well with the 20 miler.

  5. hahaha i think if you feel good, go with it!!

  6. I've often put toast in the toaster over and checked back minutes later to see I never had it plugged in.

    I think you are totally set for Fort Worth and Dallas! Will Randee at least do Fort Worth with you?

  7. So is Randee done with marathons 4-evah? I think you can totally do this marathon. And it's definitely not too soon. I mean, those long training runs might as well be marathons. You GOT this baby!

  8. And Dallas it is! As long as you make sure to rest plenty after this last marathon and remember to taper, I think December is far enough away. Good luck!

  9. Great idea! I thought it was crazy to do a second big race right after the first. But now I realize, you've already done the training! Take advantage of that. DO IT! You'll be great.

  10. I ran Chicago too... then Kansas City 6 days later and I'm running Dallas too. You can totally do it!