Sunday, October 9, 2011

Chicago Marathon Race Review....Mission Accomplished!

It's time!  6:00am and we were ready to make the Chicago Marathon our bitch.
We walked the 1.6 miles to the open corral start. 
Hot Damn!  We found a Starbucks to get our coffee fix on the way!
We took advantage of the Bank of America customer special port-a-potties.  The lines weren't too bad & there was toilet paper!
All day everyone called out "Go Angie" in their best cheerleader voice.  Then they would shout "Go Randee" in their best come hither voice.  Those bouncing mounds seem to have that effect on people.
The Chicago Marathon starts NOW!  Oh shit.
Water and Gatorade was at every mile.  The amount of cups and trash was kinda amazing and totally nasty at the same time.
I have enough pictures without showing you, but just know I took a picture of every mile marker and posted immediately to facebook during the race.
There was a lot of public peeing going on.  Randee and I even mooned half of Chicago with synchronized peeing behind a tree.
The crowds were freaking AMAZING!  The volunteers were freaking AMAZING!  Really, the entire marathon was freaking AMAZING!
Mile far, so good!
The crowds were pretty thick the entire race...all the way to the finish.

This was just a kick ass view.
Randee's stomach just does not really like running.  Emergency poop stop.
We went over a butt ton of bridges.  The view was always greatness.
I have no idea what mile this is.  Just another view of the asses I looked at for 26.2 miles.
Half done and still standing.
The further we ran, the nastier the roads became.  I don't know how those barefoot runners did it!
In Pilsen (Little Mexico) they had lots of live music and this humungous pinata.
Another mile...another ass to look at.
Holy crap...we made it to mile 20.  Now we enter uncharted territory.
Now do you believe me she is a psycho bitch?  Just image 26.2 miles with that!
This must have been early on....Randee was still smiling.
China Town
Love this shirt.  It reminds me of Ms. Thang!
Yap, you got to like people to run this race.  Asses to elbows for 26.2.  By the end the body odor is quite scary.
Little Brittany rocked her race, finishing in 4:53.  She says, "the only thing that still hurts is my face."  She got a sunburn with those 80 degree, full sun temps!
Talia says her marathon finish time is un-postable, but added, "this here marathon was funner than a mug."  You'll have to try and translate that ghetto slang.
DONE SON!  We were slower than your granny....just as promised.  Randee was suffering from tummy issues.  We made a pact to stick together.  I had more in me today.  Around mile 16 I decided to run another marathon to see what I can really do.  I'm thinking the White Rock Marathon in December.  Randee says "my coochy took a beating and I ain't never running another damn marathon."  She kept going with her complaints...but I quit listening.
We all finished!  Alecia had a PR with 5:07.  She says, "I had a wonderful moment of release after crossing the finish line."  We took turns taking ice baths.  The stench is a bit better, but now the room smells like Bengay.
We popped a cork and we're now celebrating with some tasty champagne.
Cheers to the Bitchy Runners.  Mission Accomplished.
I must say....the Chicago Marathon is pretty damn cool.  Everyone should experience it at least once in their life.   


  1. Good job everybody! Really amazing!


  2. Congratulations girls on a job well done!! Thanks for the pictures....they are awesome!!

  3. Awesome job girls!Loved the pics and the writing!!Way to go Bitchy Runners!!..will certainly do Chicago one day! =)

  4. Congrats. I wished I started following you all sooner. I hope you all do another one!

  5. Congrats ladies!!!! Woo-hoo you're MARATHONERS!!!

  6. Congrats! It seems like you had an awesome experience!!

  7. Fantastic job!! I've got to do the Chicago marathon. And my stomach hated running during my marathon, too. I swear, I'd have taken 20 minutes off my time just by eliminating the poop stops.

    Love the shirts, love the pictures, and it looks like you guys had a great great as you can have running 26.2 miles, anyway. Congratulations!!

  8. Way to go ladies! I loooove Chicago. It's my home town so i'm gonna have to do that race one day. :-)

  9. Nice work today!! Chicago is definitely on my bucket list.

  10. Cheers ladies! Great job, congratulations!!!!

  11. yeahhhhh way to go!!! Chicago is definitely going to be in my future if I even get through Newport next week :) You girls rock my socks...

  12. You girls rock!!! Very proud of you!
    - Julie L

  13. Awesome job, ladies! Congratulations!

  14. Awesome pics, I too did Chicago yesterday and I am so happy you captured the events - especially the trees where people peed, I too had to pull off to the back of a tree and being a woman and all I didnt care!!

    Congrats we are all marathon finishers!

  15. You certainly know how to write a fun race report! I was sweating just reading it ... and I think I'd be flipping off the camera, too, if I had to run 26.2 miles. Ay carumba!

    Congratulations to the whole posse!!

  16. I just started following and love reading your posts, congratulations!

  17. Congratulations ladies!!! Looks like Angie has caught the marathon bug!! :-) Well done everyone, 26.2!!!. Javier

  18. Awesome job you crazy kids!

  19. OMG!!! A comment of mine finally went through!

  20. great to meet you! well done! and i am sunburned all to hell! i forgot to put sunscreen on and they had NONE on the course! wth!?

    and can i just say whoever thinks its a good idea to give out bananas at 3 diff places where there is water, gatorade and empty cups is a fool! i almost busted my ass so many times!

    but i looooove the chicago marathon!

  21. Congratulations! LOVE the recap thanks for sharing!

  22. People just pee in public?? LOL I had no idea!!!

  23. Awesome job bitchy runners! I love that you made a pact and stuck together. Good for you! My sister did that for me in a race she could have KILLED, but I bonked.

    The Kidless Kronicles

  24. Thanks for for the love! I think I did get the marathon bug, and yap, people just peeing everywhere!

  25. Great pics and race, Congratulations to all the participants for a great job well done. Looking forward always.

  26. Great job ladies! Loved reading the posts! I finished my first marathon in June and can totally relate to most of your feelings. Randee, I had the EXACT same problem as you on my marathon ("tummy issues" and "coochy took a beating"). I don't know what caused it, but it sucked!!!! Sorry you experienced it too, but way to power through it. You go bitchy runners!

  27. Thank you so much for this posting. Flying from Vancouver to run this weekend - my first and only marathon. Scared sh-tless, excited.. feeling totally unprepared. Your pictures and commentary have been great for me to see. Great job ladies.