Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Too Legit to Quit

We just went from ghetto fabulous to totally classy fabulous.

WWW.bitchyrunners.com is now a registered domain name!  Yap that's right.  $12.99 and that baby was all ours.  Type it in, try it.  Your heart might just skip a beat with excitement like mine did.  What does this all mean?  Well, two things really.
  1. No quitting now.  I'm talking both blogging and running.  Now that we're legit we sure can't quit!
  2. Our Chicago Marathon shirts will have WWW.BITCHYRUNNERS.COM on the back.  Yeah baby!
Alrighty than, now back to our regular scheduled programming.

We actually worked out this morning.  It's a mini miracle.  Just 2 miles running and 1 mile walking.  Oh yes, and three miles of yapping and bitching.

Randee was her usual pleasant self.  I find it kinda rude she felt a need to thrust her chest forward & make her ample bosoms look even larger than life.

Thank goodness the darkness hid my honkin' zit the size of Africa on the side of my face.  It was in the 60's.  A bit too warm for long sleeves.
Hey, check this out...

Little Brittany's ready to make 26.2 her bitch.  Lookin' good girl!  She has lost over 70 pounds in the past year.  Quite impressive!
If Randee and I would have lost 70 pounds each we were going to wear these.

I mean, I think we should still wear them without the 70 pound weight loss, but Randee won't agree to it.  She is no fun.  How could we not look sexy running Chicago in these?
This fancy shamacy get up is my throw away shirt for Chicago.  This was the shirt from my very first race!  I did the 5K and died 187 times.

Those have to be the most flattering race photos EVER!  I'm kinda shocked I didn't quite after that 3.1 and NEVER run again!  Thankfully I kept going and invested in some real running attire!

So tomorrow is Whine and Wine Wednesday.  I'm sure I'll find something to whine about, but no wine here.  I've made a promise to myself there is no wine until Friday.  Then I'm going to have a couple of glasses in Chicago.  You know, a girl's gotta hydrate for 26.2!

Have a Tantalizing Tuesday!


  1. Yay congrats on the name and honestly, your running pictures always make my day...haha randee's face is without a fail priceless each time

  2. freakin' LOVE your 5K race pictures!!! LOVE!!

    And good job for snatching bitchyrunners.com -- you're committed now;)

  3. You're tossing your first race shirt ever?? There has to be a rule against that in some handbook, right?

    You crack me up. I think you might be my new hero!

  4. Those race photos are hilarious. Before I started blogging, my sister and I joked about blogging together, and the first name we thought of was bitchy runners. Then we googled and found you. Glad you have it all "official" now and no one will steal it. Secure the brand - it's a good one.

  5. You are totally moaning in those pictures. You obviously need more wine. And less whine. I think the speedo is def the way to go.