Friday, October 7, 2011

Let's Run Together

We're here!

Let the paparazzi know...The Bitchy Runners have landed in Chicago.
After a 3:00am wake up call, we finally arrived in Chi Town smack dab in the middle of rush hour.

One nice thing about the early morning flight was a spectacular view of the sunrise!
After an insane taxi ride we finally arrived at our hotel.  We threw our bags in the room and chowed down on the free breakfast!

Then it was straight to the expo!

Shopping Time!
I'd already had enough of Randee's bitchin' by the time they gave us these handy posters.

Then it was time to find our names on the Nike wall.
Oh shit.  That's a long freaking way!
We all picked up some Chicago Marathon 2011 goodies.  You name it and you could buy it!

Alecia from Tin Can Treader joined us at the Expo. She had a bit of an adventure getting to us, but she finally made it!

Check out the kick butt sign we made for Doug to hold during the race!
42 hours to race time!
The gang...and why is Randee trying to gyrate on me?
Alecia made a friend on the street corner.
Oh yes, and by the way...

We already finished the marathon in 2:05:41.  Aren't you impressed?
Now we are resting and gearing up for a night on the town.  Nothing crazy, just some good grub and wine!

Stay tuned.....


  1. Run bitches run!!! I LOVE IT!!!

    Good luck ladies -- have fun!

  2. Good luck ladies!!! Go rock Chi Town!

  3. Have fun!!! You gals are a real inspiration!

  4. I like the sign! If I saw anything regard "bitch" on a sign while running it would totally make me smile! Hell someone could call me a bitch in a mean way and it would Still make me smile!