Friday, October 28, 2011

They call me Grace

Happy Friday to ya!

I had plans to go to boot camp this morning, but the dang Rangers kept me up way past my bedtime.  So, I slept in and blamed it on my 10 miles on the books for tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be my first long run without Randee in many moons.  I'm a bit verklempt.

Maybe I'll just strap her in a baby bjorn and run with her.
I'm pretty sure I'm going to look nine kinds of crazy bitching out loud to myself for ten miles.

Yesterday I was going to make chicken soup.

Note to self:  Don't forget you're boiling chicken.
Today I was visiting schools.  I was getting out of my car, looking all cute and self confident.
Then I fell on my face.  I'm the epitome of graceful.
I brushed myself off and continued on, just like nothing had happened.

My only other life changing wisdom today is this facebook post I stole from a friend.
Us women will never be satisfied. Unless of course, you have a chocolate penis that shoots out money!!!
 Seriously, has another women ever spoken truer words?

Alright, now go drink yourself silly and enjoy your Friday night!  Oh yes, and GO RANGERS!


  1. I am DONE with the World Series! DONE!

    I am replaying the image of you falling on your face over and over again in my mind. :)

  2. The picture of you and Randee is too funny!! How did your run go?