Saturday, October 8, 2011

It's Almost Time!

I know you have been waiting with bated breath to know what the Bitchy Runners are doing in Chicago.  Well, wait no more....

Last night we had a fun dinner with Randee's friend Stephanie from high school.  I find it hard to belief that Randee has known someone for 25+ years and they still like her.
Remember when I said I would be having a couple of glasses of wine on Friday?  Well, I might should have said a couple of bottles.  After dinner we returned to the room and Randee entertained us.

This morning we woke up early and knew we had to get that wine out of our system.  A 2 mile shake out hangover run was just what the doctor ordered.
The view wasn't half bad.
Then it was time for some gluten free pancakes and an omelet the size of my head.
Alecia and I met Cely from Running off the Reese's and Megan for the blogger breakfast.  It was a great morning to eat on the patio and inhale some carbs.
Then we met the rest of the gang to head up to the 96th floor of the Hancok building for an amazing view....
....and some hydration.
Don't let that smile fool you, she's really an evil Bitch.  I promise!
Alecia, Brittany and Talia glowing in the sunlight.
Then we did a little shopping.
Aww, Little Brittany!
If it wasn't so dang hot, we could have worn these kick butt hats in the marathon.
Ms. Thang did a little retail therapy.
Damn Brittany photo bombing my model shoot.
And yet another trip to Nike Town.
Then it was time to eat again.  We had the worst waitress EVER, but the food wasn't half bad.  Well, except for maybe Talia's uncooked hamburger.
Alecia and I ordered Bloody Mary's, requesting only a drop of liquor.  We ended up with nasty ass, super spicy drinks that I didn't drink.  Oh well, at least we got a cute picture.
Since late afternoon we have been resting in the room.  We made our shirts...but I'll leave that a surprise for tomorrow (they turned out GREAT!).  We have gotten everything ready for morning.  We are hydrating, and we just ordered pasta and pizza for our late dinner. 
Everyone is starting to have nervous energy.  The bathroom is being frequented...lots of peeing from all the hydration...and lot's of "wishin' I was pooping" going on. 

We are going to leave around 6:00am and walk the 2 miles to the race start.  The marathon starts at 7:30am, but it will be 8:00am or later before we get going I'm sure.

Next blog will be POST marathon.  That's freaking crazy!

Wish us luck!


  1. I'll confess, I'm a "wisher" right now.

  2. Have so much FUN!!

  3. HAVE FUN!! Enjoy the run, and remember to stick to the plan and hold off any extra energy until you are past the 20 miles :-) Javier.

  4. Good luck ladies!

  5. Have FUN and good luck.

  6. I can hardly wait until tomorrows post. I hope every one of you get a good poop in tonight & in the morning. Have a BLAST tomorrow!

  7. Good luck to all of should be starting the race right now!!

  8. Chicago seems like one cool view after another!

    Love the model shot!