Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What's Next?

We're home!  I must say, I feel way better than I would have ever thought.  One small toe blister is the only thing that still has be walking funny.  We didn't fly out of Chicago until almost 8:00pm last night.  That gave us plenty of time to walk 8 miles around the city and get that soreness out of our legs.

The airport was actually quite humorous.  Lots of people walking crazy and wearing Chicago Marathon apparel.

Today I got a massage and have been in a bit of a fog all day.  Trying to get back in the groove.  Actually, I've had "WHAT'S NEXT" on my mind.  Since I can't think straight to write anything earth shattering, I thought I would share some fun moments from the trip.

We played beauty shop the night before the marathon.  Randee french braided Brittany and Talia's hair.  She was quite impressed with herself.

Just in case you ever wanted to know what a bunch of bitches look like brushing their teeth at 5am.

Everyone was super stoked to find bagels and bananas in the hotel lobby on marathon morning.  Hey Randee, your stomach might not hurt while running if you would quit putting red wine in your fuel belt!

Doug looks evil as he photo bombs our self portrait.

We were having issues trying to fit 5 heads into the mandatory group self portrait just before the start.

The people in yellow must have thought I was taking a picture of them at mile 4.  They sure got their cheese on.  All I saw was the mile marker!

This 12 year old boy at mile 14 has a shirt on telling me he loves boobies.  I'm guessing he was happy when Randee came bouncing by.

It's hard to read, but that sign at mile 24 says, "Pain is Temporary; Quitting is Forever."  Perfect sign for that point of the marathon.

We looked up Marilyn Monroe's dress on the walk back to the hotel just after the marathon.

Trying to get five bitches to shut up and smile at the same time is really quite difficult.

Everyone loved our shirts.  We totally thought they rocked.  We used iron on letters, and made them the night before the race.  Total success!

Doug fell in love and drank a fifth of whiskey while the rest of us were running a marathon. Doug's new bromance is with Brian, Cely's (from Running of the Reese's) boyfriend.  Total weird blogger meetup love triangle.

As Randee and I found Doug after the finish, he popped a cork on this champagne bottle.  Cool idea, but next time he better buy some good champagne.  This $5 7-11 stuff was nasty!

We ordered takeout to our hotel room from this restaurant on Saturday night for our pre-race carbs.  On Sunday after the marathon we decided we would order again.  I asked Little Brittany to look on the box and give me the name, so we could look up the online menu.  She says, "well, it says CHICA and then the word GO...but they put them together like one word."  Once we realized it said CHICAGO we all about peed our pants laughing.  So from then on we said we ran the CHICA GO MARATHON.
This here is the world's best gluten free pizza from the CHICA GO restaurant.

And this my dear is amazing Thai curry something or other that I ate on Monday afternoon.  It was amazing good!

During our 8 mile shake out walking tour on Monday, we came up on this bag.  It was full of sponges from the race.  Why did they leave this one bag?  The entire street was covered in wet sponges for over a block during the race.
Talia and her panties.  Everywhere we looked she had washed out her drawers and had them hanging around.  Doug even thought they were a wash cloth in the shower and rubbed them all over his face.
We found this one building in downtown that had a mirror effect that made us look amazingly tall and skinny.  Of course we had to take a picture.
Maybe if they had a strip tease marathon Randee would be more in to it.  Heck, she'd win the damn thing.
Happy Tuesday!


  1. Don't know if you've seen it yet, but I posted a video of Randee describing your motivational techniques. You're welcome to steal it since I stole 80% of your pics.

  2. So what is next for you ladies????

  3. hahahaha...Chica Go! Classic!

  4. I vote you guys do an ultra next! - Jennifer

  5. Congratulations to all of you! Now you've got me excited for my marathon this Sunday. I'm running the Detroit Free Press Marathon. It's my first. I can't wait to hear what is next for you ladies!

    By-the-way, did you guys stay at the Residence Inn in Chicago? My daughter and I were there in May and stayed there.

  6. I think you should run Vegas in December. PLEASE??? We'd have SO MUCH FUN.

  7. Love that you still have your humor even if you are worn out. Very proud of all of you even though I don't know you....I posted this somewhere else cause I couldn't leave a comment on your site.....

    Hey and I want to know what's next? We will miss your early morning pic's of you bitches.


  8. I can't stop laughing! This is hysterical!

    Your Chica Go story reminded me of my college job at the movie theater. I was reading the buttons and one said:


    So I thought we sold "choco" lattes and wondered why. I had never seen anything coffee related at the theater. So I kept saying choco latte all Valley Girl like -- and then realized it was actually just Chocolate. We all have our moments!

    The pizza does look super yummy!