Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Chicago Marathon in Pirated Images

I must say, the Chicago Marathon kicks butt every way you look at it.  I even loved MOST of the race photos.  That never happens!  As usual, there were 1,000,000 pictures of Randee, and 10 of everyone else.  Why is this? 

I'm feeling almost human today.  I'm sippin' wine and looking at training plans.  I really do have a problem! 

Look at Randee with a hand full of my booty.
Take 1:  Ms. Thang has her eyes closed and a random boy is on our left.
Take 2:  Little Brittany has her eyes closed and a different random boy's in our photo.
Take 3:  We look like superstars!
Seriously, this might be the best race photo of me EVER.  I'm pretty sure I'm going to blow it up to life size for the living room.  Can you tell I was enjoying myself?  I think this is on the final stretch, just before the finish!
This is more like it.  Me having the look of misery and passing gas on my face.
Look at Ms. I Hate Running.  She looks like she if flying to the finish with both feet off the ground!
Another 500 feet and I'm NEVER RUNNING AGAIN!
These gangster sluts need to be leg models for Zensah.
THO anyone?  Hugh Jass appears to be chillin' in the middle of the race course.
This was pretty much me every mile.  iPhone out, documenting the day.
I LOVED the fall leaves falling everywhere as we went through neighborhoods.  I'm not sure Randee noticed.
Bitch, if you try to pass me I will trip you and then poop on your face.
Little Brittany was like "That's Waz Up!" as she passed sobbing Punky Brewster.
Talia was drunk.  There is no other explanation for this picture.
Mario tackled Hugh Jass moments after this picture was taken.
Reality:  We're about to finish the Chicago Marathon!
Randee "Alfalfa" Spaz Runner.
China Town moment of insanity.
Who the hell thought running a marathon was a good idea?
Hi, I'm Randee and I'm a bipolar runner.
Hey look at me, I'm running slower than your granny and loving every minute of it!
I'm gonna raise my baby arms and pretend I'm excited about finishing this (explicative) marathon.
Randee & Angie - Marathon Photo Bombers.
Come give mama a hug.  We both stink like ass, but dang if we did not just finish a marathon!
Good golly that was fun!


  1. The classic Angie "paine face" and the Zensa gangsta's are my favorites!

  2. Holy cow! Is that Tawny Kitaen that you and Randee are photo-bombing? I pretty sure it is. (and now I'm thinking that you probably don't know who Tawny Kitaen is. I feel old.) Love the photos though! Esp. Brittany schooling Punky Brewster.

  3. Honestly, I am pretty jealous. I can't put any of my Chicago Marathon pictures on my blog. I'm scared that I would lose all my friends. Luckily, my family got some good ones.

  4. Bahahaha! It does look like Tawny Kitain! You guys photo bombed a White Snake Video!

  5. Question -- I was looking into getting compression socks, which brands have you tried and what do you like about them? They're kinda pricey so I am hoping for good recommendations before picking a pair! thanks :)

    ALSO congrats on the Marathon!!

  6. I love the pic's, can I be in your family?


  7. You all are a hoot!! Love the photo bombing you ladies did!

    ... dang it, now I have White Snake stuck in my head! (It's certainly not every day I get to say that!)

  8. Love the photos!!!! Looks like a bomb race!

  9. if it weren't for pictures I "borrowed" I'd hardly have proof that I ran races :) love your captions though!

  10. Angie can you guys do a review of the gear you ran in? I know you guys love the Zensah compression sleeves but I'd like to know the brand of shorts and your fuel belts specifically. Thanks!