Sunday, October 30, 2011

How's a girl to choose with so many choices?

Yesterday we did 10 miles in our abbreviated return to marathon training.  It wasn't horrible.  We did all question our sanity and need to run another marathon so soon.  Is there a 12 step program for running addiction?

We missed our bitchy friend.  We left a spot in our pre-race self portrait in her memory.
I'm pretty sure Randee was not missing us.

I'm exfoliating.  What the hell does it look like I'm doing?
Yesterday we discussed our WHAT'S NEXT plans.  That being, what's next after the White Rock Marathon of course.  We would like to do another destination race at some point.  I looked over all the fabulous race suggestions you guys provided.  Such a hard decision!

The Austin Half Marathon, held in February.  The 2012 race is too soon, but I would say this is definitely a possibility for 2013!
The Chicago Half Marathon is in September. I love Chicago and I like this medal.  However, I think we need to choose another city since we just did Chicago.
The Disney Wine and Dine is in early October.  I love the idea of this race, but I would feel entirely too guilty going to Disney without the kids.
The Fifth Third River Bank Run is held in Grand Rapids, Michigan in May.  It's a 25K.  It looks interesting, but not at the top of my list.
The Indianapolis 500 Mini Marathon is in May.  I'm very indifferent about this race.  I frequent Indianapolis for work.  Therefore, I'm not super excited to return there for a vacation.
The San Diego Rock 'n'  Roll Half Marathon is held in June.  This race interest me, however June 2012 is not an option due to my already booked calendar!
Rock 'n' Roll Seattle Marathon and Half Marathon appears to be the happening race this June.  I think there is even a chance my brother and sister-in-law are doing the race.  I'm not sure I can fit it in, but the half marathon is on my radar.
The Rock The Parkway Half  Marathon is held in Kansas City in April.  This is another one of those locations that I visit for work, and don't have a lot of motivation to return for pleasure.
The Route 66 Marathon is in Tulsa in November.  There is very little to look at in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and this would require marathon training through yet another hot Texas summer.  Slim chance on this race.

The Shamrock Marathon is held in March in Virginia Beach.  2012 is a not an option, but this race looks fun.  I'm going to keep this as an options for down the road.
The Six Tunnels to Hoover Dam Half Marathon is in March.  For some reason this race really intrigues me. It's a no go in 2012, but I'm going to research this course further.
The Vermont City Marathon is held at the end of May.  That's a nearly impossible time for me due to the end of the school year.
The Surf City Marathon is held in Huntington Beach, CA in February.  This race REALLY gets my attention.  I love that you run by the water.  February is a nice time of year.  It would have to be 2013, but this race is very high up on my list!
Races that were not mentioned, but that seem amazing to me are:
  • New York City ....marathon or a half marathon as long as it gives a great tour of the city!
  • Nike Woman's Half...I'm not sure I'd survive the hills, but this seems like such a fun race!
  • Las Vegas Half....the strip at night, that view's got to be amazing!
 Alright, I need your thoughts and links to your race reviews if you've got em'.

On a side note, during the writing of this post I found my daughter decorating the bathroom counter....with cake decorating tips and bags...and ketchup.  What the heck?  She is now scrubbing the bathroom and kitchen.

Audrie and me at her school's fall festival yesterday.
Trent loves to take pictures with his momma.
Have a super Sunday!


  1. The tunnel one looks pretty cool. If we do Seattle, it would be the one in November. The Virginia Beach marathon has been on my radar for years now.

  2. Next year I am doing wine and dine & Shamrock VA Beach (doing the full there for TNT) for sure. Also, the Shamrock Race offers a half as well.

    I like the Seattle medal, but the weather is so cold and drizzly it kind of scares me to try and run a race there...I like rain, but not low temps + rain.

    That Surf City race sounds really fun!!!

  3. I'm doing the half next month in Seattle. I'm considering the half or full Marathon in San Diego next March.

  4. I ran Austin this year and it was hilllllllly! Visiting Austin was worth it though - such a fun weekend.

  5. I did the Wine and Dine last year. Can't say I liked that race. Really overpriced, lots of running on overpasses to get to the parks, and not very organized. Pick another one in Orlando and I'll do it with you!

  6. I've heard good things about the Nike Women's Half, including that there are hot firefighters at the end to hand out the medals. Yes, please!

  7. I want to do the Nike Women's one... I mean Tiffany necklaces at the end.. yes please. I'm also interested in the Goofy Challenge... but that might be a little to ridiculous.

  8. Seattle Seattle Seattle Seattle Seattle Seattle Seattle Seattle Seattle Seattle Seattle Seattle Seattle Seattle Seattle Seattle Seattle Seattle

    And if you missed that ... Seattle

  9. or Wine and Dine.

    I'll let you decide.