Saturday, October 15, 2011

Falling in Love at Knob Creek

I went to Chicago to run a marathon.  My husband went to Chicago to find his bromance.

It all started innocently enough.  I met Cely from Running off the Reese's for the blogger breakfast.

All seems nice and normal.  Just a few strangers getting together for breakfast.
Cely's boyfriend Brian joined us.  Doug stayed at the hotel.  Then just before we left, Doug showed up.  I didn't notice it at the time, but apparently the two boys looked into each others eyes and....

.....visions of whiskey danced in their heads.
While we talked about important stuff like the perfect race day outfit, the boys concocted a plan for getting hammered during the marathon.

Marathon morning arrived.  45,000 anxious runners huddle together smelling of Bengay and bagels.  1.7 million spectators line the streets to cheer on strangers and loved ones alike.  Then at a Starbucks somewhere in Chicago this happened...

Doug and Brian hook up. Whiskey consumption begins.

At mile 13 they entertain the crowd with their dancing moves.
By mile 18 they are strolling hand and hand around the city.  Would it have been too much to at least hold a sign to cheer your women on?
By mile 20 they had already decided this bromance was forevah.
By the time we hit 26 miles they were in worse shape than us.

26.2 miles of drinking whiskey is exhausting.  Hey Brian, I'm ready.
Cely finished three days before me.  Doug couldn't leave Brian's side long enough for him and Cely to get a photo.
I finally found the finish line.  Look Angie, that's Brian my new man love.
Cely and I had to literally pry the boys apart after the marathon.  Then they sexted each other all night long.
And I'll leave you with this riveting video of me walking into the drunk love fest moments after finishing the Chicago Marathon.


  1. You will be spanked Angie. Now get back in the kitchen and make me a sammich.

  2. OH my GOD bahahahahahahah that made my day! And that is EXACTLY what happened!

  3. Your blog and Cely's are my 2 new favs!!! ABSOLUTELY HYSTERICAL!!!! Loved this entire entry but had hiccups for 20 minutes on the "Brian, I'm ready" picture!!! Hope your man... oops, I mean Brian's man didn't beat you to death with that sammich. ;-)

    PS/. Thanks for your response in Cely's blog about the compression sleeves!

  4. Sounds like a productive day for everyone!

  5. Love is a many splendoured thing!

    Best race video ever!

  6. Two different motive to go to Chicago but it sounds interesting and It is nice that you have a great experience there.