Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Totally Talia Tuesday

Workout:  Yoga

I met Talia at work.

Talia when I first met her
She loved eating school cafeteria food...

and Chillaxin'
I don't remember how it happened, but Talia and I decided to run one race a month in 2010.  Neither of us ran at the time.  Neither of us was in running shape.  And fo' sure neither of us had the proper running attire.

Coldest freakin' race ever!  5K in January 2010.

It was horrible and horrendous, but we lived to tell about it.

February 2010.  Still cold as butt, but we had fun.
March 2010.  St. Patty's day 5K.  Beer at mile one and after the race.  We were hooked.
It was about this time I realized Talia was a WAY faster runner then I ever would be.  But we still had fun meeting up for races.  We never trained together.  Never actually ran together during the race.  Just met up on race day and rode together and took pictures together.

First 10K.  Talia was starting to get some sexy runner legs by this point.
And then OMG....

May 2010.  Our first half marathon.  Talia rocked it!  I died about three times.
June and July we never did get a race on the books.  Don't fret, I got plans to make that happen in 2011!

Then we did something really stupid.

We ran the Hottest Half 10K in August.  In Texas.  And guess what?  It was hot as butt!  Yes, butt can be insanely hot or insanely cold.  Once again, Talia rocked it.  I died about 18 times.
September 2010.  Talia meet Brittany.  Brittany meet Talia.  Little do each of you know you will become race buddies and pace partners.  Sounds dirty, but it is really a beautiful relationship.  Second half marathon.  We're basically professionals at this point.

October 2010.  Vineyard Run 5K.  We decide we are about done with 5K's.  We are ready to run with the big boys.
I ran in November with Brittany and Randee, but Talia set that 5K race out.  Remember, she wanted the big boys.

December 2010.  White Rock Marathon Relay.  Jugs a Joggin' was our kick butt team name. We had a blast and were hooked on our group runs and race day shenanigans. 

We are still running in 2011.  Talia now joins us for our weekly Fort Worth weekend runs.  Good times, good times!  And of course she is registered to join us in CHICAGO! 

Our fabulous running foursome.  If you ever see us on race day you will know it.  We can be a bit LOUD.
Talia striking a pose at Starbucks.  A girls got to work it no matter where she is.
Did I mention that Talia never sweats?  Finds it disgusting that the rest of us do.

She runs in full makeup.  Hair fixed.  She makes running look effortless.  And reapplies lip gloss as needed. 

Would Talia be disgusted by you?  Do you sweat?

Do you look like you just crawled out of bed (like me) when you run, or do you look like you might suddenly get a hot date at any moment (like Talia) when you run?


  1. I would say that I am a mid range sweater. A nice and sexy sweat, if I were sexy.

  2. Oh by the way, I still LOVE to eat school cafeteria food! HA!

  3. i liked this one!! it made me laugh! My pace partner is awesome!!

  4. I am with Talia....I try to stay looking cute while I run!