Friday, March 18, 2011

For Vanities Sake

Workout:  Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred - Workout 1.  A quick 20 minute butt kickin'.  Then we did Yogilates.

Today I'm dreaming about this....

Being on a boat. In the warm sun. With a cold drink in my hand.
We usually make an adult only beach vacation once a year.  Not sure if it's gonna happen this summer, but I sure wish it would.

Chantell and I were working our biceps lifting all those margaritas from the table to our lips.

And when else can you wear a red flower in your hair and not look like a dork?  Okay, perhaps you still look like a dork.  But no one knows you and no one gives a s#@t.

And with no worries in the world, I can become the life of the party.
And if you're real lucky, you might get to see this....

Perhaps that will be Doug and me in 30 years.  They are definitely following the no one knows you and no one gives a s#@t rule.
And since I now have swimsuits on my mind....let's talk about weight.  I've been maintaining pretty consistent for the past few years.

I don't have many digital images of me at my heaviest, but here is one when I was in Tokyo.  That trip needs it's own blog post one day.  For now just focus on my chubby cheeks and bloated belly.

This was when I was at my smallest.
My weight difference from heaviest to lightest was about 40 pounds.  My weight difference from lightest till now is about 10 pounds.  I would like to lose about 5 pounds before summer.  Problem is I can't find the motivation to watch my calories.  I'm mindful of what I eat.  Just not willing to not drink wine during the week.  Not willing to not have the ice cream shake I wanted yesterday afternoon.

Perhaps if I go try on swimsuits I will find my motivation.  Last year I discovered I love Victoria's Secret's swimsuits.  I just wish you could try the darn things on.

I'm liking this suit at the moment.

Alright, I'm off to enjoy my last lazy day on the couch.  I'm also considering a pedicure.  Bless the heart of the poor lady who has to deal with these toes.  And perhaps it's about time for some sunless tanner.  Oh the vanity of it all.

Happy Friday Y'all!

I want to see your fat/skinny comparison pictures.  You know you have some.  Email them to me!  I want to see!

Do you do beach vacations?  Where is your favorite place to go?

Where is your favorite place to buy swimsuits?  Do you wear a one piece, tankini, bikini or your birthday suit