Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Whine and Wine Wednesday

Workout:  Woke up this morning at 4:15am.  Stumbled to the bathroom.  Began my morning ritual of rubbing my legs down with Bengay to get ready to run.

I wish this was a scratch and sniff picture.

Then Randee texted me to let me know she thought she had the flu.  So, me and my now tingling legs went back to bed.  Doug quickly said, "what the heck is that smell?"  Then got upset when I rubbed my legs on him and shared the tingle.  I'm begining to think I'm the only person in the world who LOVES Bengay!  I'll try to get in a few miles this evening with Doug.

Now onto the whining.  I"m on spring break this week.  The weather is beautiful.  I've been getting my lazy on.  Finished my taxes.  Finally cleaned out my nasty refrigerator.  Not much to whine about.

But I can always find let's go with my toes that are in much need of a pedicure before sandal season.

I really need this shirt from One More Mile.  I've lost four toenails in the past year.  Two at the Hottest Half 10K in August and two at the Heels, Hills and Him in September.  They have grown back, but just aren't normal.  I'm hoping a pedicure will help, but it's kinda embarrassing to go in with these nasty toes!

Moving on to the wine....

Doug posted this picture to his facebook last night.

More undrinkable wine, that will need to set in the cellar for several years to be "ready" to drink.  Phooey.

Luckily, Doug did make a Costco trip and loaded up my "purple zone" of the wine cellar last week.  There are a few bottles left. 

If you're new to the blog, this is our wine cellar.  I'm only allowed to take "drinkable" wine from the purple section.  For some reason it seems to always be empty.
I have a variety of Shiraz or Grenache to select from.  No tempranillo.  No Sangiovese, which I have been lovin' lately.

Oh well, I'll pour a glass of something this evening while watching "The Social Network."  I'm a loser when it comes to watching movies.  Way behind!

I'm off to deep clean my room. Oh joy, but it must be done!

Happy Whine and Wine Wednesday!

What's your Whine and Wine for the week?


  1. I had some Chocovine last night. But I don't think that's wine cellar worthy, but it's definitely worthy of being in a purple section (which is hilarious by the way).

    I watched Social Network way late too. I'm so behind! I was talking about wanting to see Black Swan 6 months before it came out. I still haven't seen it.

  2. I just watched Social Network 2 weeks ago. We're bringing Doug some wine when we come down this weekend. I think it's purple section wine. My whine... Well, I got my suitcase packed. That's it though. And here I am wasting time on the internet again (although, I don't consider the Bitchy Runners a waste of my time at all. Quite the opposite. It's as necessary as the Wall St Journal)

  3. Those are some fine Pinot Noir's right there, I'll tell 'ya whut. Remember...
    Drink no Noir,
    Pinot Noir!

  4. I was just whining about my toenails to my coworkers today (they are also very close friends - you don't whip out your runners toes to just anyone). I'm in the process of losing my first one. It's not painful, but it feels gross. I wish it could come off already.

    I'm so jealous of your wine cellar. Even if your hubby is the wine Nazi. You will appreciate it someday. Tonight I'm drinking Shiraz. It's not that great - I'd rather have some Pinot Noir.

  5. @CRL - Wine Nazi. Ha! That made me laugh! I'll definitely have to use that!

  6. So, your hubs is a wine Nazi that likes to collect and cellar wine for a while? Do I have that right?

    My cellar is only 42 bottles, but I'm the only wine drinker in my house. I love collecting tasty Cabernets like Cakebread, Honig, Vineyard 29 and Garric. Trouble is I drink them too fast...

    Some of my favorites are Layer Cake Shiraz and Primativo and I don't feel bad just drinking them right away. They're tasty, less than $20 a bottle and a screw top for Pete's sake. :)

    What are some of your favorites?

  7. @ Jill :
    I'll do my best to keep it brief, because I can sure wind-up on wine. I came home one day and Angie and one of her friends were drinking a Pax Syrah (unauthorized) and to make it worse, her friend had a stem in one hand and a Sonic drink spiked with vodka in the other hand... I was upset on a couple of different levels there, but to solve the problem, the now demarcated purple zone was formed!
    We love all kinds of great wine. I have a lot of 2000 Bordeaux and 2002 Cali Cabs I am cellaring along with '05 and '07 Rhones and more. I have wines as old as a '68 Rioja chill'n in their right now along with some other good wines from the '80's too. The purple zone is where our daily drinkers usually land and include Pinot Noir, Syrah/Shiraz, Rieslings, and the stuff Angie favors of course (me too) such as Tempranillo's, Sangiovese's, etc.. We love old world / new world and are all over the place with wine that is made well. There ain't nothing wrong with screw-tops either as long as the wine inside is good!
    Try if you ever want to start organizing your wine and making your own tasting notes. It is a free site and I highly recommend it if you ever get more interested in wine connoisseurship. We can even be "cellar tracker buddies" too if you like!
    (Doug A.K.A. "The Wine Nazi")