Thursday, March 3, 2011

Three Thrills Thursday

Good Morning!

It is 6:00am in Texas and I am sippin' coffee and reading blogs.  Perfect!

Workout:  Was supposed to be Jillian Michaels kicking our butt.  Instead we did Yogalates.  It was much needed and I actually feel 1000 times better then when I woke up!  Super happy about that!

Today is the day you learn three thrilling things about me!  Try to control your excitement.

1.  I grew up in a TINY town in Texas.  54 in my senior class.  811 people in the town.  Yeah, I was a country girl.  I have lived in the city for 16+ years, but I still have a ridiculous Texas accent and, according to my running buddies, some insane country words I use.  I recon I do.  Y'all keep reading now! (I promise I'm not really that hillbilly!)

Yap, that's all 54 of us at graduation.
2.  I LOVE to travel!  I have been lucky enough to visit several countries and experience some wonderful adventures. For me, planning the trip is half the fun.  I love to plan big trips with lots of friends.  The beach is probably my favorite place to go.  Give me an all-inclusive resort, some sunshine and a frozen drink and I am one happy - RELAXED - girl!

Let me apologize in advance for the ridiculous number of vacation photos that are about to follow.

Thanksgiving at Crystal Beach

Fuerteventura, Spain - In the Canary Islands off the coast of Africa.  Awesome!

Jamaica.  One of our favorite places to visit.  Our first visit was our honeymoon!

Cancun with friends.  An annual tradition of adults gone wild.  Tons of fun!

Cancun again.  Different year.  A few different people.  Fun as always!

Zip lining in Costa Rica.

Thanksgiving at Disney World.  Loved the decorations.

Snow skiing in Colorado.  Don't be frightened by my husbands satanic hockey jersey.
3.  My daughter and I eat gluten free.  Audie has diagnosed with Celiac Disease when she was 3ish.  She was sick from the day she was born.  Her pediatrician kept blowing me off when I asked for further testing to see why she was never well.  It's reflux.  It's asthma.  It's a milk allergy.  It's a cold.  The cycle continued until I lost it one day in the doctor's office and demanded that she figure out what was wrong.  This meltdown eventually led to her small intestine biopsy showing she had Celiac Disease.  Within a couple of months she was a different person and has been thriving every since!  This past June I was having a lot of stomach issues and my husband encouraged me to do a 30 day gluten free trial.  Celiac Disease is hereditary and has to come from one of us.  I felt better almost immediately, and have followed the diet every since.  I have not been officially diagnosed, but all my symptoms are gone and I feel great.  Why would I go back to eating gluten now?

Audrie chowing down on gluten free pizza at Bostons.  Good stuff!

There you go.  You can go about your day feeling all is right with the world.

Have a super fantastic Thursday!

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  1. I thought the population had raised to 941. And I need to get brad working on his gluten free recipes.