Friday, March 18, 2011

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time there was a wannabe runner with thick legs and chubby knees.

She was trying to find the perfect outfit to make her as fast as could be.

Don't tell her husband, but she went on a bit of a shopping spree.

Skirt, shorts, compression calf sleeves, what will it be?

Since she could not decide she just got all three.

Now she needs your help to determine the outfit that is least dorky.

No giggling or snorting, even if you think she looks a little porky.

Outfit number one.  This will come back into play in a moment.

The pinks totally don't match.  But I am loving the Nike Tempo shorts.  Pardon my pastiness.

More Nike Tempo's with green.  I have green compression socks on the way.  I'm also showing off my Skinny Runner "It's Not Vanity It's Sanity" shirt.

Yeah, this top will be returned.  Super see through.  However, if I decide to enter a wet t-shirt contest I'm good. 

Now back to outfit number one.  I want to wear my compression tights underneath the skirt.  but then you get major knee pudge.

What should Cinderella Little Miss Piggy wear to the ball race?

Moving on...

Thanks to a pedicure...

My feet are now slightly less nasty.
Audrie and me showing off our new toes.
Now that I leave you with thoughts of knee pudge and skanky runner toes.  Happy Weekend!


  1. I like the first outfit wo the tights better.

  2. First outfit. I love the poem. It sounds just like me at the running store when I come home with everything. Happy running!

  3. I tried out outfit #1 on this morning's 7 mile run. Worked out quite well. Now I'm home wearing my compression shorts and calf sleeves.

  4. I have read this blog post.