Thursday, March 24, 2011

Three Thrills Thursday

Workout:  None!  Randee was having foot & knee issues.  She iced this morning.  Hopefully the knee & foot will be better by Sunday.  We have a half marathon to rock!

Thrill 1:

Doug has agreed to be a guest blogger on The Bitchy Runners.  This excites me.  But it also scares me to death.  There is an 50% 80% 90% 100% chance he will say something inappropriate.

Last night he was trying to decide what to blog about.
Stay tuned next week to see what he comes up with.  He runs his first half marathon on Sunday.  I want him to write the post when the misery fun of running is fresh on his mind!

Thrill 2:

If it were not for waxing and plucking I could be in the circus.

I could totally be the bearded lady.
Why oh why does my chin think I am a man?

Thrill 3:

Spring in Texas means Bluebonnets!

This is about a million years ago.  "Now see kids, this is a bluebonnet."  What a dorky posed picture.
Shut up!  I know this was a lame post.  But you have to admit my mad Photoshop skills gave you a chuckle.  We have a busy weekend ahead.  That means you can look forward to pictures galore!  Try to control your excitement.

I'll leave you with pics of a couple of followers enjoying Whine and Wine Wednesday.  Nobody said you had to drink wine to be lush!

Talia was eating guacamole and sippin' on a Bud.  Next time get your pretty face in the picture!

Paula at Eat:Watch:Run was gulping down a martini.  Tasty!

Happy Thursday!

Will you tune in for Doug's guest blog?  What do you think we should call his segment?


  1. Posting comment. Mom

  2. Thank GOODNESS for tweezers and wax because otherwise I would have a unibrow. I don't have the chin/lip hair -- yet.

    Looking forward to Doug's post!!

  3. Good luck to both of you on Sunday!! Tammy and I will be doing a "test-run" for her first time ever 13.1 in preparation for May 1st. H&H Half.

    Cheers. Javier

  4. @Mom - thanks for commenting, but your reminding me a lot of your son-in-law with that post!

  5. @CRL - Yes, whoever invented tweezers is my best friend! You should be afraid of Doug's post!

  6. @Javier - Thanks! How is Tammy doing? Is she a speedy one like you? We're running H&H! See you there!

  7. I have read this post.

    Hey Javier! I will not be setting any land speed records but my goal will be to finish 13.1, which will be a new PR for me (by default).