Monday, March 21, 2011

Oh My! Monday

Workout:  Yogilates.  Alone.  I don't like working out alone.  It's a weird training schedule week due to our half marathon being on Sunday.  Randee and I both thought we were meeting at our own house.  Therefore, at 4:45am when we should have been meeting we texted each other to see where in the heck the other was.  So I was brave and did Yogilates alone.  In the dark.  Sad face.

Welcome to the first installment of Oh My! Monday.  I got this super duper idea from another blog.  I will highlight a few blogs that I was lovin' this past week.  I have no idea why I call it Oh My! Monday.  I just like it.  And it is my blog.  So there.  Check them out and perhaps you will find yet another blog to take time away from your family, house cleaning or working.

Let's start with Michelle at Crazy Running Legs.  She is the one who gave me this wonderful blog idea.  I loved her blog "What Was Different?" about her PR and first sub 2 half marathon.

I'm a huge Skinny Runner fan.  I especially loved this post "My Kinda Taper" because there is a picture of me!  Who doesn't love seeing pictures of me?  Oh that's right, everyone but me.  Oh well, go look anyway!  It really is a fun blog!

Paula at Eat Watch Run was cracking me up with her post "Things I Pose With."  She shares my love of self portraits with obscure things.  Look close, you might recognize Michelle!

Laura from I'd Rather Sit on the Couch wrote "The Bay to Breakers Breakup" after finding out the race was sold out.  Bummer!  Her and I share our love for the couch.

I loved Sherry at Life, From My Perspective's post title.  "My Parent's Get High."  Now who wouldn't want to read about that?

SUAR or Shut Up and Run is a blog that will keep you laughing out loud.  There is a lot of truth in her post "10 Ways I Break the Rules."  I promise she will mention passing gas or pooping at least once in every post. UPDATE:  SUAR has an awesome giveaway going on!  Enter for a chance to win here.

There ya go.  That should keep you reading long enough for me to get home and pour myself a glass of wine.  It is Monday after all.

Happy Reading!

What blogs are you following that I need to check out?  What makes a good, entertaining blog?


  1. Wow, thanks for the shout out! I'm glad I made you giggle. :-) Now I need to check out the other bloggers you mentioned that I don't read yet...

  2. Thanks for the shout out to me and some other great bloggers!!

  3. Is this your first half marathon? I can't remember if you guys have run one before or not. Best of luck! I am a little nervous about the heat since I am used to running in cool to cold weather right now. It'll be a blast no matter what.

  4. @Amy - this will be my third half marathon & Randee's first. However, this is the first half I have actually trained for and have set a time goal for myself. I am hopeful the weather will be good. Good luck to you!

  5. Thanks for pimping me out - AGAIN! I love this because there are so many blogs I don't know to read.

    Oh, and I was so excited when I saw that picture of you on SR!!