Thursday, March 10, 2011

Three Thrills Thursday

Today is my momma's birthday!

Mom and me in Spain in 2006.  She hated that trip.  I loved it!
1.  My mom is a marvelous Nana!

She is the one in the black dress leading "I'm a Little Tea Pot" at Audrie's 5th birthday party.

2.  My mom is a wonderful wife!  (I kinda just made that up, but I'm guessing my dad would agree!)

My parents dancing on the beach.  Ahh, how romantic.  But not in front of the children.  Please!
3.  My mom is a fantastic driver.

The kids and I go on an RV road trip each summer with my parents.  Mom drove the RV for approximately 6 miles.  Audrie vomited.  Dad got thrown from the couch to the floor.  I prayed out loud and took pictures.
I have one more picture I want to use.  So how about a bonus thrill!

4.  My mom comes from  a nutty famiily.  But I love them all!

My mom with her parents and siblings at a wedding this past summer.  No the boy in red is not the second pregnant man.  That is all Miller Lite.  Some people say I look like my Aunt Lisa in the black and white dress.

Happy Birthday MOM!
Leave a comment wishing my mommy a happy birthday!  Her and I both will be glad you did!


  1. Happy Birthday...Hope you have a great day. Angie why aren't you in the family picture you are pretty nutty yourself.

  2. Happy birthday momma Taylor!!

    P.S. you do kinda look like your aunt, Angie!

  3. Angie, I love your blog. I can't keep one up myself ... but I do love reading yours :)
    KEEP IT UP! ! !