Sunday, March 6, 2011

Eat too much. Drink too much. Repeat.

 Workout:  Fork to mouth.  Wine glass to mouth.  Repeat.

Just returned from a long weekend in Fredericksburg, Texas.  Doug and I went with Chuck and Cheri and many good times were had.

Road Trip!

Mandatory gas station fun photos.
WINE, finally!
Doug refused to wear pants most of the weekend.
Dinner at August E's.  Delish Lobster Bisque.
And LOTS of sushi!
Chuck and his mad chopstick skills.
Most nights ended in the hot tub.
Rather Sweet Bakery
They even had Gluten Free goodies.
Breakfast smiles.
Omelet and fresh fruit
Doug had sunblock in his eyes....again.
Just setting on the patio enjoying live music and wine....
Then....a bird pooped on my hand!

Becker Vineyards wine tasting
Get your nose in that glass and SNIFF! 
Cellar Tour
Our version of the Kardashian's Christmas card.

Lunch on the patio.  Chuck and Cheri getting all lovey dovey.
We were going to try and ride the motorcycle like this.  It did not work so well.
Me pole dancing on the Luckenbach Road sign.
Roadside self portrait.
Out in Luckenbach, Texas their ain't nobody feelin' no pain.

Our new friend Hondo.
Pole dancing at the Luckenbach post office.  I'm seeing a trend here.
Meet my friends Pancho Chuck and Cowgirl Jane.

Dinner at Der Lindenhaum.  Cheesy Potato Soup.  Good.
Get your mind out of the gutter.  This was German sausage and sauerkraut.
Rock on Germany.
Doug found our friends from Becker Vineyards on the patio in downtown Fredericksburg.
The enchanting Cheri at Enchanted Rock.
So motorcycle riding in extreme wind can make you look really rough!
Do these chaps make my butt look big?
Relaxin' Doug style.
Relaxin' Angie style.
Possibly too much wine before dinner at Cotton Gin Cabernet Grill.
Oh my goodness, Chuck about made me pee my pants at dinner I was laughing so hard.
It was sooo good I almost forgot to take a picture.
Chuck, Cheri & Mr. Harley
Vacation's over day. Sad face.
Cheri and I thought we would ride the bikes home.

One last photo op.

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  1. Those were the most penis-ish sausages I have ever seen.