Monday, June 13, 2011

Wounded Warrior Illegal Race Review

Let me start by saying we had full intentions of paying to run the Wounded Warrior Half.  It benefits injured Marines.  However, in an uncustomary manor, we missed early and regular registration.  Late registration for the 10K was $55.  We all decided that was way to much to pay for a 10K.  Our marathon training plan called for 9 miles, so the half was to far.  The 10K was really to short. So we decided we would not participate in this event.

Fast forward to Wednesday of last week.  We decided we could run the same trail as the race, but just do our 9 miles.  It is a public trail after all!

Now on with the race report....

I have no idea about packet pickup.  The event website still shows TBD, but I'm guessing that all those runners had to pick up their packets somewhere.  Also, every finisher gets a medal...(every legal runner that is)....for both the 10K and Half and a shirt and socks.

Brittany, Randee and I met at my house on Sunday morning at 6:00am.  Talia was going to meet us at the race.  If you read my previous blog you know Randee and I had consumed a bit too much wine on Saturday night and were feeling less than perky.  Little Brittany was chipper as ever.

Starbucks was a must, so we zoomed by there and were on our way.  Then Talia sent this text.

She was trying to cancel.  Brittany was texting for me, and basically we told her to get her clothes on and we were on our way to her house.  No cancelling on the Bitchy  matter how much fun you  had the night before!

When arrived at Ms. Thang's house we knew exactly what we would find!

A slumber party guest....right there in her bed!

Being the shy girls we are.....I walk in and ask loudly....."Is little boy here?"

Randee walks right up to the open bedroom door.....and asks loudly....."Are you naked?"

Little Brittany just giggles.

Then I take a picture....for the blog of course!

.......Before leaving Talia's slumber party guest would call her into the room ....."I think someone took my picture!"  He's just lucky I didn't walk right into the room and get a close up!

Finally we are in the car and ready to go!

Talia was super excited we came and got her.  Can't you tell?

Randee was just as excited.  9 bottles of wine on Saturday night....9 miles on Sunday morning.  That's how she rolls!

Ugh, the sun hurts my head.  Ugh, noise hurts my head.  Ugh.....(note to self, saggy boobs and seat belts are not attractive.)

I feel great!  I'm rockin' my new florescent orange outfit and I'm ready to run.  I'm 21 and need to teach you ladies how to handle your drinkin'.  SHUT UP!

We got to the race parking area about 15 minutes before the half start.  It was perfect!  No traffic.  We were not sure where to park.  We attempted to find a legal parking spot.  No luck....we tried for at least 15 seconds.  There was a parking garage where the Exit side was open.  So we dashed in there and parked.  Hey, we're running illegally we might as well park illegally.  We were just a few steps from the start.  Perfect parking I tell ya!

We even had time for one quick group self portrait.  The worst one yet I do believe.  I look 101 years old.  Randee looks like she lost her dog.  Talia is cussing us out behind those glasses.  Little Brittany is dreaming of new, more sober, running partners.

We walked down the sidewalk, past the starting area and waited for all of the half marathoners to pass us.  The half started at 7:00am and the 10K started at 7:15am.  We jumped in right behind the half marathoners and we were off.  Bandits on the run!

Look real hard at this crappy picture and you will see a bright orange light.  That's little Brittany.
You ran about two miles on the road and then you entered the trail.  This is in Las Colinas, the same trail we ran for the Hills and Heels half marathon.  Our plan was to run down to mile 5 and then turn around and come back.  It's a down and back course so we would not stand out to much!

They had aid stations every few miles.  I had my own fuel belt so I was not paying much attention, however there did seem to be less aid stations then the Hills and Heels races.  There was a sprinkler set up around mile 4 and that was nice.

Parts of the trail are shaded, which was a nice break from the sun.
It was a HOT day.  Already in the 80's at race time, and the heat was very intense when you were in the direct sun.

We passed the 10K turn around and kept going to the mile 5 marker.  Just before mile 5 we saw the Half winner on his return from the down and back.  We took a quick break and stretched and I had a few Sharkies.

We were a sweaty mess, but we were over half done!  I'm quite surprised we were not sweating red...from all the red wine we consumed!
The last 1.5 miles were the hardest for me.  I was hot and ready to be done, but I also like being that close because I know I WILL finish.

Around this time I posed for a picture with the 1:50 half pacer.  I figured it was a once in a life time chance.  I'll have to browse the "lost and found" section of the race pictures to find that one!  I also was passed by Javier as he was rockin' the half marathon.  He really finished right around 1:50.  Awesome job.

At the finish line they were calling out names as people approached.  We broke off to the side and finished on the opposite side of the sidewalk.  Done son!  We stayed right around 11 minute miles, which is our weekend long run pace.  With the heat and the previous night's fun, I was very happy with the run.

They had a lot of food & festivities after the race; including a live band.  I did steal some water at the finish.  No one seemed to notice the lack of a medal around our neck or bib on our shirt.

Brittany enjoying the free food.

That was one of only two times we saw Talia smile that day.  The other time was when she realized Twin Peaks was having 'kids eat free' day.  She about peed her pants with excitement over that one.

Leave it to Randee to bitch about free food....but she is looking dang muscular in this picture don't you think?

My sweaty self portrait.  Could someone please send me some Botox STAT!  I seem to have a creator on the side of my face.  WTH?

One last group self portrait.  See how our moods improved after 9 miles kicked our butts?  Running will do that to ya!
I found Javier after the race.  His kids pretty much kicked butt and took 1st place in both of their age divisions for the 10K.  His son took 3rd overall.  Awesome!
On our way out we found Marines with guns and knew we had to pose for a fun picture.  I have no idea what happened to Talia during our photo shoot.

Don't mess with the Bitchy Runners!
Doug, who is a former Marine, got a good chuckle out of this picture.  This was his comment on Facebook:

Brittany is the only one in this picture that seems to have somewhat of a clue in handling this type of weapon. Randee  seems to be holding it as if it were a some sort of rocket propelled grenade launcher and Angie  has that butt stock outside rather than inside. Is Brittany the only real gangsta in this picture?

From what I could tell the Wounded Warrior Half was a well organized event.  There was a lot going on at the finish.  Not a ton of spectators, but the  trail makes it hard for spectators to get to.  I would pay to run the race in the future to get the medal.  However, I'll make sure I get in on early registration.  I still think $55 is to much for a 10K!

We got back to the car and were happy to find that it had not been towed due to the illegal parking.  We all smelled like butt and wet dog for the ride home.

We kicked Talia out at her house and told her SHE CAN NOT QUIT.  As soon as you finish reading this blog I need each and every one of you to leave a comment directly for Talia.  She is in a FUNK and wanting to QUIT running.  She has wanted to run a MARATHON longer than any of us.  She needs a PEP TALK.  Please give it to her!

When I got home I was starving half to death.  I took a quick shower and the family and I went to Denny's for some chocolate milk and grease.

I actually had the Fit Omelet with turkey bacon.  Not bad.
Overall a good race.  I was reminded of the importance of hydration....rather than dehydration.....the day before a long run.  As our mileage increases this is going to become extremely important.

Two Thumbs Up for the Wounded Warrior Half and Two Thumbs Up for Bandit Running!

Don't forget Talia pep talk!  She needs motivation.  She needs a good swift kick in the butt!  Now give it to her!


  1. Alright Talia - I felt the SAME way last April. I ran 9 halves in 7 months and was seriously burned out. Even the last half I ran was miserable. So I took close to 2 months off running and focused on strength training.
    Then I signed up with a running group.
    Now, I am LOVING running again after my break. And I love running with people. It's so motivating.
    The best part? YOU get your running group free and they are all friends. I had to pay $150 dollars to run with strangers.
    So buck up! Do something differnt on your cross-training days and remember the weather won't suck forever.
    Also, you're kinda the bomb for ditching your sleepover guest for your bitches. :-)

  2. Get up to the plate Marathon Talia! The bitchiness just isn't complete without 4. The heat is demotivating... getting out of bed can get old occassionally... take some days off... renew yourself.. and refocus and GO GET THAT 26.2. Pride is forever!!! You will *always* be a marathoner... no quitting allowed!

  3. WTF Talia?! I thought you were hard core. Not some pansy puss with a sand paper camel toe. My advice to you, is take your pansy ass out to Chicago and show 26.2 how effing hard TALIA is!

  4. Thank you ladies for the pep talk!! I will try, for my bitches and myself, to get motivated again. You gals are hilarious!!!

  5. @Paula, Lesley & Alecia - Thanks for harassing Talia for me!