Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Whoa Nelly I'm Behind

Marathon Training - Week 6 - Day 6

Marathon Training - Week 7  - Day 1 & 2

I have been enjoying a bit of a 'staycation' with the family for the past five days. It's been super enjoyable, but has me way behind in the blog world.  I have a fantabulous post coming up about all the amazing food we consumed...and the wine too!  For now I am going to catch up on our marathon training!

Saturday we had a 10 mile long run on our training schedule.

This was the weather at 6:00am.  It was warmer and the dew point was higher by the time we were done.
We went to River Legacy Park and ran 5 miles out and 5 miles back on the trail.

Randee was all chipper & ended up being my cheerleader to finish this horrible run!

Brittany and Talia were getting ready to rumble.  Something about Brittany was gonna kick her butt if she ever said she was going to quit running again.

WHAT?  A boy?  Little Brittany brought her "friend" Jaryd along for the run.  Rule #1: No making out while running.

Little did I know when I took this self portrait how bad my run would be!
We were off.  Kinda.

We went a good 25 feet before one of Randee's water bottles fell out and the lid busted.  Not a good start.
And were off...again.

We did the first five miles with no breaks.  It was hot.  I was sucking wind from the start.

One positive...the sky was GORGEOUS!

At mile 5 the plan was to turn around, walk while taking a GU and then to turn our music on and run it home.

5 miles done and still smiling....not really, but we can pretend for one picture.
Randee gagged down some new version of GU.  She said it was nasty, but is sure seemed to give her a major burst of energy.

I ate a few sharkies.  I was also sucking down water.  I was dehydrated from the get go.  I'm sure my wine consumption (to be discussed in the next post) had nothing to do with it!

Then we went to put our music on....and Randee's iPod was dead.  So, since she was feeling so peppy I begged her to talk to me the entire five miles back to the car.  She kept me entertained and somewhat focused.  I did have to stop and walk on a few occasions.  Just a really sucky run for me.

But we finished! 

Brittany and Jaryd finished in about five minutes, and had time to bake a pie and still make out before we got done.  Talia had a good run and was having to cover her eyes from the make out session until we got there.

Driving to Starbucks....ugh....I was hating all things running at this point.

Brittany was taking self portraits of her "Freakishly Amazing." shirt.

Jaryd was trying to figure out how he got suckered into waking up at the butt crack of dawn to run 10 hot miles with a bunch of bitches.
Randee and Talia met us at the park, so we had a convoy on the way to Starbucks.
Jaryd had the great opportunity to listen in on girl talk at it's best.  Sex.  Losing Toe Nails. People we like.  People we don't like.  The catty teenagers sitting next to us.  Randee's filthy mouth.  No subject was off limits.

Ms. Thang is trying to get a job as a Sexy, Gangster Starbucks model.  I hear they're in great demand.  Please notice the LUNA headband she was rockin'. 
On Monday Randee and I did Yogilates by the pool.  It was crazy windy and we were both only half into it.  But we did it. 

Tuesday called for 4 miles at race pace.

However, this was going on outside.  So we skipped our workout.  There is plenty of day left to make up the 4 miles, but as of right now I'm not very motivated to make that happen!

I'm about to be out of town for a week.  It will be interesting to see how we manage our training while apart!  You know I don't like to workout alone!  However, my family has promised to join me on my runs  Ooohh...and my cousin teaches Pilates.  She is supposed to lead us in pilates on the beach.  That sounds amazing!  Except she might tell me how horrible my form is.  When you do home videos there is no one there to tell you that you really suck.  Oh well, it'll be fun just the same!

Less than 16 weeks to race day.  Seems like forever...but also right around the corner.  We really should book our flights to Chicago soon!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Great job on your runs!

    Did Jaryd want to die or is he making plans to attend the next ladies' run?

  2. When are you coming to Charlotte ;( Is there a big family vacation going on at the coast?