Monday, June 13, 2011

Superbowl? World Series? World Cup?

Marathon Training Week 6 - Day1

Yogilates by the pool this morning.  We took no pictures.  We hardly spoke.

I went to bed way past my bedtime.

The Dallas Mavericks won the Superbowl.  Or was it the World Series?  World Cup?  Whatever it was everyone seemed to think it was a big deal so I went along with it.

I watched the final quarter over in Chuck and Cheri's garage...which is tradition.

Doug had champagne ready to pop at the final buzzer.

When you're super classy like us you just pass the bottle around rather than dirty up glasses.  Look at little Brittany....she looks like she has done that before.
Then it was Glo's  turn....and Brittany totally photo bombed her mom.
Cheri has been a die hard Mav's fan for like 110 years.  Long before they were actually any good.  Doug was determined to get her a NBA champs shirt last night.  So he went shopping at midnight.  I went to bed.

I'm clueless of the details, but Cheri was rockin' this shirt this morning.
So good job Mavericks.  Now I can go back to being clueless about the local sports teams.

Happy Monday!

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  1. How bout those Cowboys?! Oh, wait... Rangers? Longhorns?