Friday, June 3, 2011

Look Mom....No Clothes!

Marathon Training Week 4 - Days 4 & 5

Thursday was supposed to be Jillian Butt Kickin' day.  Randee's leg was not well, so we skipped.  Super losers.

Today was Yoga day.  We did it, but I did not take any pictures.  Super losers again.  I promise to provide more self portraits in obscene yoga positions on Monday morning.

So, I had a bit of unexpected drama in my life Wednesday night.  I may never recover.

I was sitting on my couch when a neighbor called and told me to go outside and make sure she was not crazy.  She could not believe her eyes.

Being the good neighbor that I am, I strolled outside.

And low and behold, there is the the other neighbor's teenage son naked as a the second story window....with the blinds wide open....facing my house...touching his bojangle.

I ran back in the house as quickly as possible.  My poor eyes.

I called Doug, talking 90 miles an hour....WHAT DO I DO??

He suggested I walk over and tell the mom what here son was doing.  Logical yes, but I was too chicken.  So I dialed 911 and made them deal with it.

By the time they got there the boy had closed the blind and put some shorts on.  Hopefully they scared the crap out of him.  They called to see if I wanted to talk to them.  No.  Just tell that boy you will cut his wiener off if it happens again.

Being the nosy neighbor that I am, I kept peeking out my blinds to see what was going on.

After the police left the poor mom was outside chain smoking.  I'm sure that is not a fun knock at the door.

Anyway, later that evening chain smoking mom approached Doug and told her to tell me sorry.  I guess I was not very anonymous.  She also said her son....yes the same upstanding citizen that was in his birthday suit enjoying himself..... had heard our friends having sexy time in the backyard last week.  She even named the friends.

Way to go Chuck and Cheri!  They were never alone in our backyard.  I didn't even realize it was going on.  But if the naked boy in the window said it was so....who am I to question it?

Now I'm off to wash my eyes out with soap.  If that doesn't work I will sip wine until the visual fades.

It's Friday, Friday!


  1. When we lived on the third floor in Frisco, there was a guy on the second floor across from our balcolny who would run around naked, juggling his balls and feeding his dog treats. And it would go on for hours. Propping his legs up on the kitchen counter, trying to scratch that hard to reach itch.

  2. OMG. I know it was traumatic for you but I about passed out laughing. Then the icing was he heard your friends having "sexy" time. Ha ha, go Chuck and Cheri!!

  3. DuaneIsTheMasterBaiterJune 3, 2011 at 4:32 PM

  4. OMG I can't stop laughing at this. I know it wasn't funny FOR YOU, but damn if it's not funny!

    Dude. I do not look forward to having a teenage boy.

  5. This is great Angie...Love the stick figures.

  6. O

    This mortifies me and entertains me all at once.

    So, were your friends having sexy time in YOUR backyard or their backyard? One will make a better story. :-)

  7. @Aleica - ball juggling is such a lost art. I think men around the world are doing their best to bring it back.

  8. @Duane - Yap, just like that....but the add about 13 years to that boy!

  9. @Paula - Nope, I don't think there was any real sexy time going on in my backyard. I think the mom was just trying to make herself feel like less of a failure by bringing innocent people into the picture. However, since then Chuck keeps texting Doug to see if he can use our backyard!

  10. I saw a ton of nude cyclists this last weekend .... and THIS is the story that came to my mind! I mean it is funny, but at the same time GROSS!!