Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Richard Simmons Stalker

Marathon Training Week 5 - Day 2

This morning Randee was checking her mail at 4:45am.  Weirdo.

I was attempting to ride her son's car.  I see a triathlon in my future with my mad riding skills.
Our training called for 4 miles at 10:00ish pace.  My hammy was a little tight, and we were both in a chatty mood.  We just ran what we felt and talked the entire time.  We ended up staying right around 11:00 pace.  Good thing was we both ended feeling great and ready to tackle the day!

Notice the sun rising in the background.  Great way to start a day!
Paula from Eat: Watch: Run has inspired this post.

Crazy people from around the globe can find this here blog through a google search.  In my stats I can see the phrase they have searched to land at the Bitchy Runners blog.  Some of them give me a good laugh.  I thought I would share a few of my favorites.

Bitchy Runners
Everyone wants to know a bitchy runner!
 Cool Kids Runners
It doesn't get much cooler than us.
 Nude Neti Photo
It's a weird fetish, but who am I to judge?
 Runners Sexy Legs
Who doesn't love sexy runners legs?  Now if I can just get some!
 Birthday Spankings
If you're offering we're ready!
 Girls Gone Wild Runner Up
I don't know why their settling for the runner up.
 Bitchy Heels
We like to bitch and we like heels.
 Cougar Girl
We prefer Cougar Woman, thank you very much.
So there you have it.  I'm pretty sure the Bitchy Runners Blog will be up for a Nobel Prize providing such life changing information to the world.  Perhaps I need to start writing my acceptance speech and dress shopping.

Just in case anyone searches Richard Simmons Stalker I'll leave you with this.

Happy Tuesday!

Breaking News:  There is a new search since I first posted this blog.  I have no pictures, but believe me, you will be happy I don't....Sexy Mom Naked Without Clothes.  We attract a classy crowd I tell ya!


  1. Congrats on week 5!! You guys rock!

    This post is hilarious!

  2. How about I found you through Rather the Couch -that's a pretty normal way to find a blog, right?

    The google searches are very strange, indeed!

  3. @Xaarlin - Thanks! We are slow...but consistent! :)

  4. @Victoria - Oh yeah, Rather the Couch is totally normal...and a great blog!

  5. Oh my gosh, the google searches that send people to blogs is HYSTERICAL! Yours are too funny!

  6. LOL! I love Sexy Naked Mom without clothes and Naked Neti pot. AWESOME.

    I get some weird creepy ones too. Especially about legs. I should have thought about that when I named my blog.

  7. Wow! This all makes me wish that I would have found you guys through some weird-creepy search terms... then it would be like I was FAMOUS... maybe I should claim to have been one of these!

    Nah... I'm boring and found you through someone elses' blog! (I wish I could remember who's blog, so that I could give proper credit where credit is due)!

    Love your blog! :)

  8. I love it all!

    And Richard Simmons. He cracks my ass up!