Sunday, June 12, 2011

Wine & Hummus Overdose

Marathon Training Week 5 - Day 6

Today called for 9 miles.  More on that later....

Friday was a super lazy day for me, including three or four naps.  Audrie was going to a sleepover that night, so I begged my husband to take me on a date.

Hands on hip girl with chubby knees.  Nice.

I was making the boy child take our pictures.  I don't think it thought it was very fun.

We found a new hole in the wall Mediterranean place called Alwadi Cafe.  It pretty much rocked my socks off.  Look at that hummus!

It was BYOB...bonus!
On Saturday morning I was super excited to sleep in.  Then the husband lost his darn mind.

Starting at 6:55am he started taking pictures of me sleeping...and texting them to me....with the words...."are you still sleeping?"  Loser!
I finally got up around 9:00am and drug myself poolside.

Doug was working hard around the pool while I sipped coffee.
We picked Audrie up around 10:00am and then had a family visit to Starbucks.

Doug and I continued our date weekend with a visit to Farpointe for a wine tasting.

Cheers...and don't mind my old man comb over.
A wine tasting wouldn't be compete without hummus & rice crackers!
On the way home I got the crazy idea to invite Randee and her boys over to swim.  The kids had a great time swimming and then hanging in the house with Trent and Audrie watching movies.

Randee and I hung in the pool and let Doug serve us more wine.

Oh yes, and we had him take our pictures...for the blog. 
Try the other side....we might look better from this angle.
Let's just say we might have over indulged.  We ended the night munchin' down on Taco Bell tacos and burritos.  It would make our 9 miles on Sunday morning very interesting!

I'm gonna give the run it's own post.  It's actually a race review.  We ran as unregistered bandits at the Wounded Warrior Half in Las Colinas.  We just did our 9 scheduled miles.  Three out of four of us had consumed a bit too much and were not feeling very perky.

Can you tell who was hurtin' and who was not?
Stay tuned for the Wounded Warrior Illegal Race Review.  Until then...Happy Sunday!


  1. LOL! I love that you ran an illegal race! I wish there was one close enough to me to do that. So you didn't get caught without a bib on?

  2. Haaa! I can't wait to read your bandit report!

    I am a sucker for hummous.

  3. I saw brittney out on the course yesterday - but I didn't say hi because she was all in her zone and I figured it might freak her out some random person knowing her and saying hi, lol. Can't wait to hear your report, it was brutal, that's my report!

  4. that dinner looks fabulous! im starving and angie, you look ripped. congratulations on a rockin body. also is that modus must be gooooood.

  5. @Paula - we're such rebels. The most embarrassing party was the half marathoners cheering us on as they passed us. Thinking we were running a rockin' good time ....little did they know we only ran 9 miles!

  6. @Katherine - I love me some hummus! I'm pretty sure I could live on it and wine alone!

  7. @Off & Running - Bummer...wish I would have seen you! Brittany was pretty easy to spot in her orange. How did your race go?

  8. @Anonymous - I don't know who you are, but you're way to kind! And yes....the Modus is goooood!